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Responsible Innovation The Key to Successful Growth for Banks

Published on June 9, 2016 By | Posted in: Compliance, OCC, Banking, OCC Framework, Fintech

The Office of Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) initiated a working group in 2015 to begin to assess the evolution of technology and innovation in financial services, resulting in publication of a white paper at end of Q1, and requested industry comments on strategic questions. The dialog will continue later this month, at an OCC […]

EU’s GDPR and the EU-US Privacy Shield: Where Are We and Why Are We There?

Published on May 31, 2016 By | Posted in: News, Privacy, Newsletter, EU, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Privacy Shield

The past month has seen two major developments on the privacy front that will have worldwide consequences for entities that handle personal data. Except for the final implementation date, we knew what to expect from the latest iteration of EU data protection language. However, no preview was forthcoming regarding the contents of the eagerly awaited […]

Wrestling with Vendor & Incident Response Management

Published on May 18, 2016 By | Posted in: Third Party Risk, Risk Management, Third Party Risk Management, Shared Assessments Summit, Shared Assessments, Blog, Tone at the Top, Incident Reponse

I’m sitting in the bleachers watching my sophomore son wrestle in an all-day varsity tournament. As the bodies tangle, each wrestler is looking to expose and act on their opponent’s vulnerability. As I thought about strategy I realized this process is similar to managing vendor risk. This week, the Shared Assessments Program is hosting its […]

A Wonky April: A Collection of Thoughts From Key Privacy and Banking Conferences

Published on May 4, 2016 By | Posted in: Privacy, Event, Banking

Last month heralded many milestones and events for those of us who tend to a bit of the geeky side of watching the political and regulatory landscape. I started and ended the month of April in Washington D.C. – The District that heralded early cherry blossoms, and later snowstorms, a precursor hint to a blustery […]

2016 Tone at the Top and Third Party Risk: Upcoming Report from the Ponemon Institute and Shared Assessments

Published on April 27, 2016 By | Posted in: Third Party Risk, Tone at the Top, Ponemon Institute, Larry Ponemon

The Shared Assessments Program sponsored a new study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, which explores the role of executives in the risk management process in order to determine the role of Tone at the Top in minimizing business risks within organizations. The new report, Tone at the Top and Third-Party Risk, is due to be […]

Press Release-White Paper Release: Financial Services Industry Call to Action

Published on April 7, 2016 By | Posted in: Third Party Risk, Risk Management, Press Release, Third Party Risk Management, Blog

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT Marya Roddis, Vice President of Communications O: 575.235.8228 White Paper Release: Financial Services Industry Call to Action Creating True Efficiencies through Standardization, Cooperation and Public-Private Partnerships Focused on Critical Third Party Risk Management Issues Santa Fe, NM — March 15, 2016 — Shared Assessments is pleased to announce the […]

It Takes In-Tune Tone at the Top to Shape an Effective Risk Management Culture

Published on March 29, 2016 By | Posted in: Risk Management, Newsletter, Risk, Blog, Board of Directors, Tone at the Top

Good risk management is heavily process-dependent and without risk-focused leadership that enables effective structure and process security and operational risk activities may remain suboptimal. Shared Assessments developed In-Tune Tone at the Top in direct response to the increasingly disturbing financial, reputational, legal and regulatory consequences that, in part, arise from insufficient Board and C-Suite engagement […]

Shared Assessments Singapore Roundtable

Published on March 22, 2016 By | Posted in: Risk Management, Privacy, Shared Assessments, Data, Blog, Regulatory Requirements, International

I had the great pleasure to participate in an international roundtable in Singapore last week with Shared Assessments. The event was hosted by Deutsche Bank and was well attended with banking, service providers, and local regulatory members in attendance. Prevalent and Protiviti, both members of the Shared Assessments Steering Committee, made the trip to support […]

Press Release-White Paper Release: A Guided Assessment – Providing Advancements in Building Best Practices for Vendor Onsite Assessments

Published on March 15, 2016 By | Posted in: Vendor Risk Managment, Best Practices, Vendor Onsite Assessment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT Marya Roddis, Vice President of Communications O: 575.235.8228 White Paper Release: A Guided Assessment – Providing Advancements in Building Best Practices for Vendor Onsite Assessments Building new expectations and increasing transparency to assure good assessment practices Santa Fe, NM — March 15, 2016 — Shared Assessments is pleased to […]

Program Tool Updates: Member-Driven Updates Are Creating Sustainable Efficiencies in Risk Management

Published on February 25, 2016 By | Posted in: Vendor Security, Risk Management, Newsletter, Third Party Risk Management, Vendor Risk Managment, Shared Assessments, Program Tools, Blog, Standardized Information Gathering (SIG), Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP), Vendor Risk Management Maturity Model (VRMMM)

As the third party risk environment continues to require more from C-level executive and third party risk management professionals, Shared Assessments again takes the lead in providing powerful tools to improve assessment-related economies and scalability for both outsourcers and providers. The January 2016 Shared Assessments Program Tools release provides another level of advance in third […]

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