One of the primary reasons the Shared Assessments Program has been able to maintain its status as the industry standard for third party risk assurance is the contributions of its members, the very risk professionals who specialize in third party risk management issues. The information gained through Shared Assessments Program resources, workshops, special events and custom programs can help your organization develop an effective vendor risk management program.

"Adopting the Shared Assessments Program enabled Deluxe to reduce cycle time, improve quality, & streamline the due diligence process. At Deluxe, two-thirds of our due diligence requests use Shared Assessment tool."
— Linnea Solem, CIPP, CIPP/C, Chief Privacy Officer, Vice President Risk and Compliance, Deluxe Corp, Shared Assessments Program Chair

Shared Assessments Program Resources & Education

While members are the primary beneficiaries of Shared Assessment’s many programs and resources, non-members receive benefits as well. Shared Assessments develops and delivers workshops, training, and educational resources to help risk managers address the many challenges of third party risk management.

Workshops and Training

Shared Assessments sponsors a number of events to expand your risk management expertise.

  • The Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP) Certification program from the Shared Assessments Program validates third party risk management expertise, providing professional credibility, recognition, and marketability.
  • The Shared Assessment Summit is an annual two-day in-person forum providing expertise on the outsourcing landscape, regulator insights, updates on global trends, and other vendor risk management topics of interest.
  • Full and half day workshops present hands-on training on topics ranging from third party contracting issues to the challenges posed by new regulatory and industry standards.
  • On-site training to better understand how to conduct third party assessments and maximize the benefits of the Program’s Tools are also offered
  • The Santa Fe Group also offers customized in-house workshops and consulting. For more information contact us.

Already purchased the Shared Assessment Tools?

Become a member and reduce the Annual Membership Cost by the total amount of your purchase. Members participate in discussions and build knowledge, giving their organizations insights into complex risk management issues. Learn more about becoming a member »

Educational Resources

One of the primary reasons the Shared Assessments Program has been able to maintain its status as the industry standard for third party risk assurance is the contributions of its members, the very risk professionals who specialize in third party risk management issues. Shared Assessments offers opportunities for members to address global risk management challenges through its committees, working groups and special projects/interest groups. In many instances, member developed papers, special projects, and case studies are shared with non-members to promote effective risk management practices.

Our blog, Authorities on Risk Assurance features discussions on current issues, trends and challenges in third party risk assurance from the perspective of the people who confront these challenges on a daily basis. We address the most pressing issues faced by today’s third party risk managers and assessors, and provide practical solutions to those problems whenever possible.

Contributors to our blog include knowledge experts from all areas of the third party arena – vendors, service providers, assessment firms, and, of course, the companies who utilize these services – helping to insure that issues are covered from all relevant perspectives.

Other currently available public resources are listed below. Check back often as new resources are added throughout the year.

Shared Assessments White Papers

Building Best Practices in Third Party Risk Management: Involving Procurement White Paper

Download PDF »

A Guided Assessment – Providing Advancements in Building Best Practices for Vendor Onsite Assessments

Download PDF »

It Takes In-Tune Tone at the Top to Shape anEffective Risk Management Culture

Download PDF »

Shared Assessments Briefing Papers

Incident Response Briefing Paper by Shared Assessments

Download PDF »

Law Firm Briefing Paper by Shared Assessments

Download PDF »

Shared Assessments Case Studies

The Collaborative Onsite Assessments Case Study by Shared Assessments

Download PDF »

Studies and Surveys

2016 Ponemon Study: Tone at the Top and Third Party Risk by Shared Assessments

Download PDF »

The 2015 Vendor Risk Management Benchmark Study by Shared Assessments

Download PDF »

Shared Assessments Program Documentation

Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire Overview

Download PDF »

Standard Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire How To Guide

Download PDF »

SIG Lite Overview

Download PDF »

Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) Overview

Download PDF

Vendor Risk Management Maturity Model (VRMMM) Overview

Download PDF »

About Shared Assessments

Download PDF »

Other Shared Assessments and Member Resources

Financial Services Industry Call to Action

Download PDF »

Shifting Towards Maturity

Key findings from EY’s 2016 financial services third-party risk management survey.
Download PDF »

Evaluating Cloud Risk for the Enterprise: A Shared Assessments Guide

A Risk-Based Approach to Evaluating Cloud Computing for the Enterprise

Download PDF »

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