Onsite Assessments Best Practices White Paper

In 2015, a Shared Assessments awareness committee was established to create a best practice assessment and scoping guideline practical for all outsourcing organizations, onsite assessment teams, managers and service providers, regardless of industry or assessment scope. The guideline will work in concert with existing onsite assessment tools and processes. It provides a clear, consistent methodology to keep the assessment process on target and therefore reduce duplication of effort and assessment fatigue.

This paper provides background and a guideline for establishing fully-functional working business relationships by:

  • Building a best practice set for establishing the review scope and conducting assessments; and
  • Thereby strengthening the partnerships between outsourcing organization’s internal risk management assessment teams or independent assessment firms and the outsourcer’s service providers.

The guideline can be used by the entire community of information security, privacy and third party risk management leaders, regardless of their industry. Step-by-step guidance is provided that can be tailored to each relationship, depending on vendor type, location and services provided and used alongside any industry best practices assessor tool in alignment with the outsourcing company’s risk management strategy.

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