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Business Continuity, Business Resiliency, Incident Reponse, Pandemic Planning

Third Party Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Programs

From natural disasters to software failures and cyberattacks, disasters bring considerable risk to businesses. While there is no way to prevent an unforeseen event, you can minimize the ensuing risks by working closely with third parties – those who provide...

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Business Continuity, Business Resiliency, Incident Reponse

Scenario Planning For Emerging Uncertainties

As the war in Ukraine enters its second month, and China implements its most severe lockdown since the CoVID-19 pandemic began, it is imperative that businesses with international operations rethink their scenario planning. The pandemic, followed by the war, has...

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Continuous Monitoring: How to Get It Right

The work of third-party risk management (TPRM) is ongoing. The moment a business ceases to actively work on protecting itself from risk, it falls behind. In part, that’s because world events and the tactics employed by cybercriminals are continually changing...

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Business Resiliency

The Ghosts Of Pandemic Past: Resiliency

The holiday season is upon us, and you’d love to only be thinking about cookies, presents, and family. But present circumstances force us to play Scrooge and throw a “Bah! Humbug!” into the mix. For businesses and organizations this year...

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Business Continuity, Business Resiliency, Incident Reponse, Pandemic Planning, Supply Chain

Crisis Preparedness Month: 5 Risk Management Areas to Address

On a normal day when life is going well, no one wants to think about disasters. Committing time and budget to crisis preparedness can be a hard sell for businesses facing priorities that feel more immediate. Yet investing in preparation...

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Business Continuity, Business Resiliency

Strategies for Building Resilience

Resilience is a watchword for every risk management team and every governing board. Resilience represents the ability of entities to avoid, prevent, adapt, respond to, recover from, and learn from operational disruptions.[i] While ensuring business continuity is a key aspect...

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