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Data Governance For Risk Management

Regulations, industry standards, and business strategies continue to change, making Data Governance more challenging to implement, particularly with your third party vendors. Shared Assessments recently hosted a webinar on Data Governance for your TPRM program where Shared Assessments experts shared...

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Third Party 5G Risks & The Power of ‘And’

Sharp leaders deploy it, improv performers embrace it and fifth generation (5G) wireless technology depends on it. I’m referring to the power of “and.”   Skim through any thought leadership concerning 5G’s massive potential to generate new business models and...

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Changes to CCPA Further Protect Individuals

Changes to CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act) point to the question "how should our society approach the collection versus protection of personal information?"    In her book, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New...

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Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Data

Everything in security boils down to data. Often, you are protecting private, sensitive or valuable data. You use data about data (Metadata). You monitor data about how people use your data (Security Events). You gather data on data in order...

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Data Privacy Day 2019 – A New Era for Third Party Risk

Each year on January 28th, the world celebrates Data Privacy Day (DPD), led by the National Cyber Security Alliance in North America. This international effort creates awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust. The focus...

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European Invasion? Congressional Hearings Suggest need for U.S. Version of GDPR

Might the U.S take a page from the European Union’s (E.U.) data privacy playbook? Could the California Privacy Act spread to the rest of the country? These possibilities were on the minds of participants in recent Congressional hearings concerning data...

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