SIM Swap Scams + Consumerization = TPRM Risk

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SIM Swap Scams + Consumerization = TPRM Risk

by Sabine Zimmer | December 12, 2019 | Data & Cybersecurity, Hacking, Mobile Devices

SIM swap scams can be extremely expensive to individual consumers -- one investor lost more than $23.8 million worth of cryptocurrency to a SIM card hijacking in 2018. These hacks also represent a growing third party risk as the use of cell phones and related consumer technologies continue to increa ....

Smart Devices and Risk in the Workplace

December 2, 2013 | Mobile Devices, Operational Risk, Risk Management, Third Party Risk

Despite Blackberry’s somewhat disappointing news recently, that it would take a capital infusion rather than a buyout from Fairfax, both Blackberry and Microsoft’s Office product are well-known and recognized tools of the workplace. Blackberry maintains a good portion of its government and corp ....

BYOD: The Why And The How

by Sabine Zimmer | June 24, 2013 | Mobile Devices

Today's organizations struggle with providing employees with access to the latest technologies. It's common practice for employees to use their own devices at work for a number of reasons. Some believe BYOD is the answer to a lot of problems, others see it as a complex security issue that introduces ....

Mobile Devices: What To Do If Your Vendors Implement BYOD

June 10, 2013 | Mobile Devices, Vendor Security

Driven by employee demand and the perception of better efficiency, the use of mobile devices in the workplace continues to grow. So, not only must today’s IT security managers determine how to manage these devices in their own environment, they must also determine if their third party service prov ....