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Trust Network Pilot Project

by Sabine Zimmer | October 18, 2023 | News And Events

Introduction Shared Assessments is very pleased to launch our first-ever “Trust Network” pilot project this week with our partner Whistic. This project is intended to connect the efficiencies of Whistic’s Trust Center with the diversity of Shared Assessments’ third-party risk management me ....

steering committee

Shared Assessments Steering Committee 2023

by Sylvie Obledo | January 27, 2023 | News And Events, Shared Assessments

Our UK / EU and US Steering Committees provide governance on Committees and Products development, help to set the annual agenda for the Shared Assessments program, and provide leadership for all major initiatives undertaken by the Shared Assessments Program Committees. We are happy to announce our a ....

Summit 2022 Day 2

2022 Third Party Risk Summit: Day 2 Recap

by Mark Rudio | May 6, 2022 | News And Events, Shared Assessments Summit

Lifetime Achievement Awards Catherine Allen (Founder and Chairperson of Shared Assessments) was honored to present these awards “to two extremely deserving recipients” at the 2022 Third Party Risk Summit. Ms. Allen noted Security Magazine called Dr. Larry Ponemon (Founder, Ponemon Institute) ....

DAY OF Summit Social Posts 1

2022 Third Party Risk Summit: Day 1 Recap

by Mark Rudio | May 4, 2022 | News And Events, Shared Assessments Summit

Catherine A. Allen, Founder, Chairman and former CEO of Shared Assessments, kicked off the 2022 Third Party Risk Summit with a warm welcome while noting “It’s really a strange time. It’s been a strange time ever since Covid started, and since our last in-person conference, which was in 2019. ....

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CTPRA 2022 – What’s New?

by Katherine Teodosio | March 14, 2022 | Education and Training, Shared Assessments

What Is A Certified Third Party Risk Assessor? A Shared Assessments Certified Third Party Risk Assessor is a risk professional with demonstrated knowledge, expertise and proficiency within specific IT risk control domains. CTPRAs are able to effectively use their knowledge to perform a comprehensiv ....

Environmental Social and Governance ESG Committee

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Committee

by Mark Rudio | March 7, 2022 | Shared Assessments

Responding to the increasing relevance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) for TPRM practitioners around the globe, last month Shared Assessments launched a new ESG Team that will play an instrumental role in gathering, analyzing, and sharing information to help our members define metrics ....

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