2023 SIG Mapping to SCF’s Comprehensive Controls

by Ron Parham | December 19, 2022 | Standardized Information Gathering (SIG)

Shared Assessments is pleased to announce that the Standard Information Gathering Questionnaire (SIG) 2023 mapping is now incorporated into the Secure Controls Framework (SCF) catalog of controls version 2022.3. This was a collaborative endeavor between Shared Assessments and the SCF. Benefits of U ....


It’s Here! 2023 Shared Assessments Third-Party Risk Management Product Suite

by Colleen Milazzo | October 19, 2022 | Data Governance Tools, Standardized Control Assessment (SCA), Standardized Information Gathering (SIG), Tools & Templates, Vendor Risk Management Maturity Model (VRMMM)

Across the northern hemisphere, temperatures are dropping, trees are transitioning color, and the 2023 Shared Assessments Third Party Risk Management Product Suite has arrived with changes! Responsive to the regulatory and risk environment, enhancements to the 2023 TPRM Product Suite are manifold ....

Right Sizing the SIG

Right-Sizing the SIG: A Q&A with Shared Assessments CEO Andrew Moyad

by Eric Krell | May 19, 2022 | Risk Management, Standardized Information Gathering (SIG), Third Party Risk, Third Party Risk Management, Tools & Templates

Shared Assessments CEO Andrew Moyad had a quite a head start getting up to speed after stepping into his current role in February. Moyad’s 25-plus years in risk management and information security includes leadership roles in vendor risk management at Blackstone, one of the world’s top global as ....

SIG Scoping

Shared Assessments 2022 SIG Manager Scoping Template

by David Lundquist | April 4, 2022 | Standardized Information Gathering (SIG), Tools & Templates

How to Scope a Custom SIG Questionnaire The video guides you through the creation of a custom SIG scoping template, which is then used to generate a custom SIG questionnaire.   Functionality of the SIG scoping template (more…) ....

Three SIG Misperceptions 1

Three SIG Misperceptions

by Christopher Campbell | February 8, 2022 | Risk Management, Standardized Information Gathering (SIG), Tools & Templates

The longevity of MythBusters – a television series that aired nearly 300 episodes over 15-plus years -- speaks to the enduring appeal of testing the validity of rumors, myths, and other claims. In one of the series’ most popular episodes, the hosts deployed the scientific method to determine whe ....

optimizing SIG

Guide To Optimizing Each SIG

by Eric Krell | January 13, 2022 | Standardized Information Gathering (SIG), Tools & Templates

The Shared Assessments program never stops putting the Standard Information Gathering (SIG) tools through their paces. This intense, ongoing scrutiny is performed as part of an effort to continually refine the tools to meet the changing needs of Shared Assessments members. While this approach equips ....

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