Is a New Certification Program the Key to Reducing Third Party Risk?


Hacker data breaches that exploit vulnerable third party vendors dominate news headlines, boardroom discussions, and C-suite meeting agendas. As a result of the proliferation of such attacks, it has become increasingly imperative for organizations to ensure successful evaluation, monitoring, and management of third party service providers that have access to systems and sensitive data. Such effective management requires special strategies, processes, and skills. Finding prospects who are truly proficient in third party risk management can be challenging. This problem is one of the key reasons that Shared Assessments developed and launched the first certification program focused exclusively focused on vendor risk management – the Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP) program.

Shared Assessments CTPRP program has experienced tremendous success since its launch at the end of 2014. Shared Assessments has awarded more than 150 CTPRP designations to date. This certification is ideal for third party risk, procurement and compliance professionals, including business vendor managers, vendor and operational risk managers, vendor IT security managers, IT auditors/assessors, and IS professionals.

To qualify, participants must possess a minimum of five years’ experience in a position that demonstrates proficiency in the assessment, management, and remediation of third party risk issues. Individuals without the prerequisite five years experience may use this workshop for training and education purposes and apply for certification once they have met the five year experience requirement.

Upon successful completion of CTPRP training, individuals will have a working knowledge of third party risk management concepts and principles, including managing the vendor lifecycle, vendor risk identification and rating, and working knowledge of fundamentals of vendor risk assessment, monitoring and management. CTPRP designation validates the holder’s expertise, providing professional credibility, recognition, and marketability for those who achieve this level of certification.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Become Certified:

To learn more or to register for an upcoming workshop and exam please contact Katherine Kneeland, Project Manager, The Santa Fe Group at or 330-794-7670.

Katherine Kneeland is a Project Manager for The Santa Fe Group focusing on the development of the Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP) Program. Prior to joining The Santa Fe Group, Katherine served in the public sector as a Community Outreach Coordinator and managed a continuing education program for industry professionals.

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