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Douglas Stasko
Vice President of Sales

JustProtect is a regulation, content, system, tool, and workflow agnostic cloud-based platform that centralizes, automates, and simplifies the assessment process for companies with or without a GRC. Whether it’s Third-Party Risk, Procurement, Internal Audits or Compliance Readiness, users can reduce time and the human cost of your assessment process. We operate in all industry segments, but we focus on Financial services, Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC), Manufacturing and Wholesale/Distribution.

JustProtect’s automated platform enables you to assess anyone, internal teams, 3rd-nth Parties e.g. vendors, partners, or clients, faster and easier than any other method. We streamline and manage assessments from any direction (inbound or outbound), via any communication method or channel while seamlessly integrating with existing systems, tools, or workflows. Our platform matches, validates, and highlights answers to enable people to “manage by exception” and can lead to a significant reduction in processing time. Evidence and answers are centralized, stored with audit trails, time stamped, and spotlights historical views/trends.

The SIG and the SCA will be integrated into our content library to be the first licensed content our clients can use as an assessment. However, as JustProtect is a content-agnostic assessment platform licensed customers of other Shared Assessment content will be able to upload them into the JustProtect Solution.

Foreign language translations available upon request.

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