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Our clients need to prove they are secure and compliant to key stakeholders like their clients, regulators or their board.  Simply put, we help them provide that proof.  Knowing they are secure and compliant, and being able to prove so, allows our clients to focus on more important things like growing their business.

More specifically, we offer a number of inter-related services that help clients become “provably” secure & compliant:

  • We help clients get certified to trusted information security frameworks like ISO 27001, NCSF, SOC 2, ISO 22301, HITRUST and achieve compliance with important laws and regulations like PCI, HIPAA, & DFS 500, NIST 800-171, and GDPR with our GRC consulting and auditing
  • We ensure clients manage vendor risk by helping them build and operate Third Party Risk Management programs
  • We help clients validate that key networks, applications, and systems are secure by performing vulnerability assessments, penetration tests and gap assessments
  • We help clients close resource and expertise gaps in their security organizations by acting as an extension of their teams through our vCISO/VSO services
  • We turn employees from our client’s greatest security threat to their greatest threat detection mechanism through our security awareness education & social engineering assessments

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