ProcessBolt, Inc.

All-In-One Automated Vendor Risk Management Platform

Businesses need speed, efficiency and accuracy. ProcessBolt eliminates time-consuming manual risk assessment processes through automation so you can focus on your business, not data collection. ProcessBolt is the only complete vendor risk management solution on the market that serves both enterprises and vendors to maximize efficiency.

Uniquely built to address the needs of all industries but targeted at healthcare, higher education, technology, agriculture, manufacturing, and financial & insurance industries, ProcessBolt can reduce the time it takes to complete and/or review security assessments by up to 80%. Includes support for all major languages, and for any regulatory framework.

The ProcessBolt Platform

  • Assessing Vendors (for Enterprises): Replace time-consuming VRM processes with a fully automated platform. Use your own workflow, scoring methodology and questionnaires (or our template questionnaires). Gain quantitative and actionable insights into the security of your organization.
  • Receiving Assessments (for Vendors): More efficiently and accurately respond to assessments from your customers. Questionnaires in Word, Excel or Chrome are auto-matched to your answers stored in our Knowledge Base. Shorten sales cycles and stop wasting time completing similar questionnaires.
  • ThreatScape: Scans attack surfaces and cross-checks against aggregated threat information. Gain visibility and insight into the riskiest issues impacting your business.
  • Doc AI: Scans and analyzes any document (Word, PDF, etc.) so you don’t have to. Ask any English language question and DOC Ai responds with the answer gathered from the content. Ideal for lengthy policies, procedures, or other vendor artifacts.

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