ThirdPartyTrust is a third-party risk management platform for enterprises and third party vendors to perform assessments, automate TPRM workflows, and share security documents. 

Our network approach benefits enterprises and third party vendors by leveraging 12,000+ pre-existing risk profiles, custom requirements and process automation. This increases capacity to manage and respond to security risk assessments on both sides, eliminating repetitive tasks and the dependency on emails and spreadsheets. ThirdPartyTrust users also have access to 10+ data providers allowing for continuous monitoring and greatly accelerated due diligence.

Our solutions: 

ThirdPartyTrust automates the manual and time-consuming parts of third party risk assessments for both enterprises and third party vendors. Our solutions allow: 

  • ENTERPRISES – to streamline vendor risk assessments and improve visibility over third party vendors across the extended supply chain with Enterprise by ThirdPartyTrust – CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
  • THIRD PARTIES – to easily share their security posture with customers through a centralized profile instead of starting from scratch on every assessment with Beacon by ThirdPartyTrust – CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


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