New Risk Management Thought Leadership Groups

Committees, awareness, and working groups are foundational to Shared Assessments. In these thought leadership groups, our diverse community of third party risk practitioners gathers to collaborate and address global risk management challenges.

The benefits of participating in our groups are manifold. The risk management industry itself is shaped through best practices, tools, and thought leadership (blogs, papers, and studies) established by our committees, awareness, and working groups. Participants earn Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs) as they enjoy networking and collaboration.

Taking into consideration member feedback and third party risk management industry trends, Shared Assessments continues with existing and has organized several new groups. Below, we introduce our newest groups. (Full topic descriptions, schedules, and membership requirements of our committees, awareness, and working groups can be found on the committee’s page of our website.)

Emerging Technology Working Group

Advances in technology can fuel heightened productivity, important product development and enhance the ability to meet business objectives. New and emerging technologies supporting digital transformation across all sectors are rapidly changing the risk landscape for organizations and third parties. This group will examine the enabling, integration, challenges, opportunities, and solutions posed by emerging technologies including:

  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud
  • 5G
  • Distributed Ledger (Blockchain)
  • Cryptocurrencies

(Note: this group is open to Shared Assessments members only.)

Members of Shared Assessments and Non-members alike are welcome to participate in our Cross Vertical Strategy Groups to ensure we are taking a comprehensive look at the needs across industries on Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) hot topics. Experienced third party practitioners facilitate community discussions of the most pressing TPRM challenges.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) TPRM Strategy Group

This group will focus on mature third party risk management sustainability practice in today’s fast-paced ESG arena. This committee seeks participants from all organizations with an ESG third party risk agenda, no matter what level of ESG TPRM experience an entity has under its belt.

We expect the ESG Committee to have an educational focus, informing members about ESG frameworks, policies, metrics, procedures, regulations, etc. This group will provide:

  • A forum for participants with extensive experience to share their insights with those organizations just beginning their ESG journeys.
  • Outside experts who will share their experience and insights to provide essential sustainability context.
  • ESG input to SA’s Content Governance Committee, which will ensure that sustainability updates to all Shared Assessments tools meet and exceed member expectations.
  • Input into the development of Shared Assessments’ ESG agenda, including educational offerings.

(Note: non-members of Shared Assessments are welcome to participate in this group for one year.)

Procurement & Sourcing Strategy Group

This group identifies and documents best practices for establishing relationships, centralizing a vendor inventory/registry, and streamlining the vendor onboarding process focusing on people, process, and technology considerations. Key areas of inquiry include relationship building with the various departments interfacing with third party risk management, central predictive forecasting, controls, and agile response processes that include cyber, financial, location, and other key indicators. The partnership between third party risk management, procurement, and the business unit is paramount to allowing new and existing vendor relationships to operate and flourish in a secure manner. Members are focused on existing and emerging best practices in this arena in response to the shifting threat environment.

(Note: non-members of Shared Assessments are welcome to participate for one year in this group.)

Get Involved

Visit our committee’s page to find the committee, awareness, or working group for you. Register your interest via our committee participation form. Or, email for more information.