Risk Management Jobs – Back To School for PhD in Cybersecurity

We can tell you a lot more about going back to school for your PhD in Cybersecurity than we can about what back-to-school will look like for our own children this year. Let’s explore risk management jobs from the cybersecurity perspective.

Higher education institutions around the world now offer cybersecurity degrees and research programs for information security professionals looking to further their careers. This Digital Guardian article references top programs in the infosec field with courses of study in cybersecurity, information security and information assurance. On-campus research initiatives, professional designations and certifications, programs of study and degree programs offered, partnerships and affiliations were considered in identifying these schools.

In our own community, Angela Dogan, who serves on the Steering Committee of the Shared Assessments Program, is the Founder & CEO of Davis Dogan Advisory Services and a Doctoral Student in Information Technology at Capella University. In her PhD research, Angela has studied how organizations can use deep learning to manage information security risks and the challenges organizations face in doing so. Her dissertation focuses on techniques used for standardizing cybersecurity TPR assessments.

Deep learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence using algorithms mimicking the human brain with Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) to process data. The technique collects massive amounts of data. Over time, analysis of big data reveals hidden patterns which can be used to characterize security threats in organizations. The ability to evaluate this data in a real-time, real-world context will increase responsiveness and improve resource management and efficiency in the fight against security threats.

Angela believes that “Risk Management is an ever-changing field and it is imperative for me to remain in a constant state of learning in order to remain knowledgeable.” She says her long-term goal “is to eventually teach at the college level in the field of Risk Management.”

Results of Angela’s research are forthcoming.  Criteria for participation in her study is 5 or more years experience in managing TPR assessment teams. To participate in the study, please email Angela here. We feel her contributions to advancing the cybersecurity field will be as insightful as her thought leadership in the Shared Assessments community.  She speaks from her experience in her 16-year career leading financial services organizations to successfully address third-party cybersecurity and business risks.

Angela spends most of her personal time mentoring and inspiring youth across the US in the field of Cybersecurity. Everything she does is done through the lens of “each one teach one” and “be the change you want to see.” Angela served as an active member, Director of Corporate Events and eventually President of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP). During her time with the organization she developed the organization’s K-12 initiative while mentoring its members.

Bringing awareness to minorities in tech is Angela’s life-long mission. The world of risk and cybersecurity is fortunate to have her upcoming research at our fingertips.  In the coming months, Angela will be discussing risk management jobs and cybersecurity careers on our blog.