Professional Development: Realize Your Risk Management Renaissance

American “renaissance man” Benjamin Franklin spoke about risk management professional development centuries ago when he advised that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

CTPRP pays interest: of Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP) certification holders, 80% report training improved their ability to fulfill their job duties. 47% report certification helped them land a new job or earn a promotion. 68% report that current annual compensation ranged from $90,000 to $120,000.

A writer, scientist, inventor, politician, publisher and philosopher, the only post-nominal letters missing after Ben Franklin’s name were “CTPRP, CTPRA.” We like to think Franklin would have these gilded risk management credentials if he were living in modern times.

Modern times bring us to the new year – a time of renewed intentions, commitments, and goals. There is no better time than the present to pursue a professional development opportunity: 2022 could be the year of your own risk management renaissance.

Shared Assessments Risk Management Education

In 2021, the Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP) certification continued to “validate expertise in third party risk management to peers, management, and clients” as our community of certification holders grew to 1,600+.

Shared Assessments added new paths towards risk management reinvention. We launched our Third Party Risk Management Fundamentals course and pivoted with the pandemic to offer CTPRP in an online on-demand format.

In 2022, the CTPRP program will launch its most expansive curriculum revision ever in addition to video learning for the online on-demand course.

Third Party Risk Management Fundamentals

TPRM Fundamentals helps individuals with limited or no third party risk experience to gain foundational knowledge in risk management. The training provides an overview of key third party risk concepts, program components, and processes involved in minimizing risk in third party relationships.

Fundamentals offers “a shared curriculum for getting new professionals up to speed quickly” and helps organizations to “speak the same TPRM language across teams.” Nick Sorenson, CEO, Whistic, acknowledges TPRM Fundamentals is “a key resource for helping individuals we hire out of various industries to hit the ground running.”

CTPRP Curriculum: Revised In 2022

Effective January 2022, the CTPRP program will launch its most expansive curriculum revision to date. Participants joining an upcoming live instructor-led webinar or completing the on-demand self-study course can expect refined lesson structure and learning objectives for each course module, along with the addition of a sample Case Study company and scenarios throughout each lesson to reinforce stated objectives and expand learning.

Additionally, CTPRP participants will receive enhanced study materials to include expanded use of the study notes material, sample test questions to aid with exam preparation and a risk control domain reference guide.

Below are just a few examples of the enhanced topics within the CTPRP course curriculum participants can expect to review:

  • Vendor classification and risk rating
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Non-IT risks (ESG, Brand/Reputation)
  • Remote Access/Zero Trust
  • Pandemic Practices
  • Privacy
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Control evaluation techniques/virtual assessments

CTPRP Online On-Demand: Enhanced In 2022

As the world embraced new forms of flexibility during the pandemic, we launched the Online On-Demand CTPRP class (or self-study) to provide another path for achieving the CTPRP. The Online On-Demand option covers the same curriculum as the traditional class but uses an online learning platform to deliver the materials. You take the class at your own pace, at times that work best with your schedule. Upon completion, you still take the same exam as those who attend an instructor-led session.

The on-demand CTPRP delivery option also completed its own unique set of revisions to complement curriculum changes coming to instructor-led CTPRP this month. Registrants for the on-demand delivery option will experience additional interactive learning modules, including video learning, and enhanced terminology for international audiences.

Realize Your Risk Rennaisance

Join the growing CTPRP community in 2022 by registering for CTPRP on-demand or view upcoming class dates.

Or, consider taking the next step in your risk management career with the CTPRA.

Be sure to suggest TPRM Fundamentals with colleagues new to risk.

Finally, for questions about Shared Assessments’ educational offerings, contact the education team at