Benefits Of A Shared Assessments Membership

Benefits Of A Shared Assessments Membership

Feb 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

Each year on the 14th of February, people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day by sending messages of love and affection to a loved one. However, Valentine’s Day is not only a time to celebrate romance it’s also a time to reflect and appreciate the relationships that matter. For Shared Assessments, that is our relationships with our members.

We value the relationships and bonds that we have with our members. Apart from being our customers, they are our partners, experts, students, and visionaries. The members of our third party risk community are the foundation and driving force of our thought leadership and tools. Our members are the reason we are able to carry out our mission of creating a more secure and resilient world.

“What I love about working with our members is the daily interactions of learning what our members are interested in and assisting them in what Shared Assessments has to offer on the subject. It’s amazing and rewarding that I talk to members in all different kinds of time zones,” says our Members Relation Associate, Anthony Noriega.

I think it’s safe to say that interacting with our members is frequently a highlight of my workday. Just today it was Peter, Byron, Dayana and Diana, Darla, Kevin, Neal, and Casey! The best part of my job (beyond working with my amazing colleagues) is getting to know our members and helping them take advantage of all Shared Assessments has to offer.

Benefits Of A Shared Assessments Membership

Members of Shared Assessments have access to thought leadership, education, and the Third Party Risk Management Toolkit, as well as collaboration opportunities, to drive the industry forward.

  • Toolkit: Access to our third party risk management toolkit (SIG, SCA, VRMMM & Privacy Tools.)
  • Education: Partner with other third party risk professionals to gain more expertise in risk management.
  • Networking: Connect with other members through working committees, projects, and the annual Summit.
  • Best Practices: Defining industry direction as well as shaping the toolkit with the assistance of industry experts.
  • Discounts: Reduced costs for our certification programs, CTPRP and CTPRA plus designations for the Summit.
  • Research: Get access to current white papers, studies, and monthly Member Forum Calls.

See what our members (secret admirers) are saying about their membership with Shared Assessments:

  • Shared Assessments tools are right-sized for mid-sized organizations that do not have the staff and in-house expertise to create internal, proprietary, equivalent quality tools.
  • Shared Assessments have helped me navigate through the third party space.
  • Shared Assessments is a high-quality, responsive and useful organization for me, both for networking and thought leadership.
  • I love the organization, the networking opportunities to discuss best practices, and to hear about the challenges different organizations have and how they are addressing those challenges.
  • I believe the content available through membership and networking opportunities is very valuable. So is the continued development and maturation of the CTPRP and CTPRA certifications!

To join our member-driven community that advances industry-standard best practices and tools for consistent, efficient, and cost-effective third party management navigate here.

Laura Waller

Laura joined The Santa Fe Group in 2018 as the Member Relations Manager after more than 20 years working in non-profits. She is responsible for managing the Shared Assessments membership program through member outreach, engagement, and program development. When not connecting with members, Laura is getting lost traveling, hiking mountains or attempting to cook.

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