Sharing More Than Assessments: Members Describe Top Benefits Of Membership

Shared Assessments members mean the world to us. Members are more than our customers. They are our partners, experts, students, and visionaries shaping thought leadership and tools for best-in-class third party risk management.  Spanning industries and organizations of all sizes, the collective intelligence of our diverse member community upholds Shared Assessments’ vision of creating a more secure and resilient world.  Member voices really matter.


We were curious to tune in to member voices to discern what Shared Assessments is doing well and where we might strengthen our offerings. We would like to share the knowledge we gathered from our member survey responses and encourage an ongoing dialog. Survey says:


  • Toolkit and Thought Leadership Content are Shared Assessments’ highest quality resources
  • Responsiveness to both questions about the tools and questions in general is an exceptional benefit
  • Summit and Committees/Working Groups are good opportunities for participation
  • CTPRP Training and Framework are Shared Assessments’ strongest educational offerings



Overall, member satisfaction rated 4.3 out of 5 and the Net Promoter Score above excellent at 56.  (Net Promoter Score, or NPS,  gauges the willingness of members to recommend Shared Assessments membership to others.)




As pleased as we are with the positive results of our member survey, Shared Assessments members offered suggestions we take seriously and are either underway or under consideration.



While “needs more cowbell” was a comment offered by a particularly insightful member (it’s collective intelligence – remember?!), the following reflection offers a true indication of challenges many members face:


An issue that I have is underutilization (by me and our company) due to competing priorities and commitments across the department/company. I personally am not able to participate as much as I would like, yet do benefit from knowledge shares and discussions about current TPRM norms and practices.


How do members take advantage of the benefits and resources in a Shared Assessments membership while juggling priorities?  Remember, all team members are welcome to participate, no one person needs to be the only one involved.


From most immersive to effective minimalism, here are several ways members can engage: