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5 Steps to Improve Your Third Party Business Resilience Plan

Even without a global pandemic impacting supply chains, vendor business resilience and availability should be top-of-mind for all organizations. Vendor business resilience plans should be revisited regularly to ensure they are always up-to-date but many organizations lack a repeatable process to guide their review. This session will identify 5 critical steps every risk management team should take to regularly update and improve their vendor business resilience plans.

These steps include:
  • -How to perform and update your Business Impact Assessment (BIA)
  • -Ensuring your IT Resilience and Availability strategy matches your Operational Resilience strategy
  • -Revisiting your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and prioritizing them
  • -How immutable storage protects your backups from tampering
  • -The importance of testing incident management protocol with your hosted providers

Note: CPE credits are not available for this session.