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Best Practices for Threat and Vulnerability Response & Emergency Assessments

Wednesday, August 21, 2024 | 11:00am-12:00pm ET
It's not getting any easier. Every time we turn around there seems to be another attack or threat that demands our attention. While each event is unique, they all result in third-party risk management teams scrambling to ensure their organizations are protected. Rapid responses and emergency assessments can be knee-jerk, stressful and distracting. It doesn't have to be that way. Join us for a discussion on the best practices to responding to zero-day vulnerability attacks and conducting emergency assessments. We'll outline what's required to prepare in advance so you're ready to execute when the time comes. From establishing solid communication channels to leveraging automation, we'll cover the necessary steps and considerations for an effective response plan. Session attendees will learn:

  • • How to gain visibility into your entire vendor ecosystem and prepare in advance to reduce both reaction time and exposure to loss
  • • How to quickly identify which third parties require follow-on action based on each specific threat actor or vulnerability
  • • How quick-assess campaigns can automatically scope, distribute, and score responses
  • Ed Thomas
    Senior VP, ProcessUnity
    Ed Thomas is a Senior Vice President at ProcessUnity, with an extensive background in Third-Party Risk Management. A seasoned expert in the field, Ed has years of experience guiding organizations on their journey to establish efficient and effective risk management programs. Combining his deep industry knowledge with practical insights, Ed aims to assist organizations in realizing the full potential of their TPRM programs.
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  • Elizabeth Dunsmoor
    TPRM Principal, Shared Assessments
    Elizabeth Dunsmoor recently joined Shared Assessments as a TPRM Principal after 15 years as a TPRM practitioner. She has experience designing holistic programs and delivering assessment work within the cybersecurity, financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors. With a proven ability to oversee and execute long-term operational strategies and methodologies for risk programs, Elizabeth is proficient in a variety of management actions including translating strategies into measurable plans, partnering with Procurement, corporate teams, and firm leaders to develop a pipeline of cross-functional leaders within the risk management function. She now provides training and guidance to business leaders to ensure understanding of program requirements, third-party capabilities, and performance expectations.
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