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Data Governance For Third Party Risk

As regulations, industry standards, and business strategies continue to shift, data governance is becoming more difficult to support, especially with your vendors. Data governance includes setting internal standards and data policies on how data is gathered, stored, processed, and disposed. This session will provide insight from Shared Assessments experts on how to stay on top of data governance processes for third party risk with specific tips for Schrems II, GDPR, and CCPA.

Cost: Free / Credits: 1 CPE
  • Tom Garrubba
    Vice President, Shared Assessments
    Tom Garrubba, Vice President, is an internationally recognized subject matter expert, lecturer, writer, and blogger on third-party risk, and is the head instructor for the Certified Third-Party Risk Professional (CTPRP) certification program. He is a contributor to Future of Sourcing, blogged for the Huffington Post’s Business section, and for Government Health IT, ISACA, Risk.net, and numerous eGRC websites.
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  • John Bree
    Chief Evangilist & Chief Risk Officer, Supply Wisdom
    John Bree is recognized as a global financial industry executive and subject matter expert with a proven track record in developing and managing Vendor & Third Party Sourcing Risk Management, AML/CTF, KYC, and Anti-Fraud programs.
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  • Web Hull
    Privacy and Data Protection Officer, Sr Risk and Compliance Analyst, Abacus Insights
    Web Hull has a broad and deep knowledge of domestic and international laws, regulations, regulatory guidance, standards, and business practices. Known as an industry leader with deep experience and hands-on, practical expertise who guides companies as they seek solutions to domestic and international Privacy, Data Protection, InfoSec, & Compliance issues.
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