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Threat Briefing: Real-world Cyberattacks on the Supply Chain

Cybersecurity and third party risk professionals are growing increasingly concerned over the risk cyber attacks pose to supply chains. The fallout from a single attack on a supplier triggers a chain reaction impacting the entire network of providers leading to downtime of systems, monetary loss, and reputational damage. This session will impart strategies for mitigating the risk these devastating attacks pose to your organization.
  • Mike Jackson
    Cybersecurity Advisor (CSA), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
    Mike Jackson is a Cybersecurity Advisor with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Mr. Jackson is responsible for supporting the CISA mission of establishing and maintaining cybersecurity resilience for private and public critical infrastructure partners in the State of Oklahoma. His duties include conducting detailed management level assessments including Cybersecurity Resilience Reviews and External Dependency Management assessments. Mike Jackson is an Army veteran with extensive background and education in IT and cybersecurity.
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  • Nasser Fattah
    Senior Adviser, Shared Assessments
    Nasser Fattah has 20+ years as a Cybersecurity, Supply Chain and IT leader. With a focus on customer-first and team building approaches, Fattah is able to align programs to support company strategies, regulatory requirements, and growth initiatives. He drives cybersecurity, supply chain and IT as enablers for enterprise-wide transformation initiatives. Nasser has a strong, consistent record working successfully with Business and IT executives, regulators, auditors, and risk partners. Nasser also teaches cybersecurity at several colleges, and is the chair for North America Shared Assessments – an industry best practices for supply chain.
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