License the Shared Assessments Tools

Keep all your third party risk assessment content up to the most current set of industry best practices. Why develop your own when you can take advance of content continuously refined by third party risk management professionals since 2005?

Shared Assessments Portrait Niall Browne
"Shared Assessments Program tools allow enterprise organizations to evaluate and measure the level of IT risk across their vendors in an quantifiable, objective and repeatable process."
— Niall Browne, Shared Assessments Steering Committee Member

Licensing the Shared Assessments Standards

The questions and risk areas covered by the Shared Assessments Standard Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire and the Shared Assessments Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP), offer a comprehensive assessment of a service provider’s risk control environment. Originally focused on the financial service industry, the Program Tools have been expanded to include service providers for a broad spectrum of industries, including healthcare, energy/utility, retail, telecommunications, academia and others. Learn more.

One of the most unique features of the SIG and AUP are that they are kept current by the Program’s members. A committee of risk professionals work to refine the Program’s Tools on at least an annual basis. New risk control areas are added, and existing risk areas are enhanced, based on the issues these risk professionals encounter every day. This member input is what keeps the Shared Assessments Program Tools on the leading edge of third party risk issues, since their original release in 2005.

Benefits of Licensing the Shared Assessments Standards
Licensing the Shared Assessments standards allows your company to focus its resources on what you do best – providing software and platform solutions to manage enterprise risk, and specific areas of risk management – while keeping all of your third party risk assessment content up to the most current set of industry best practices. You also benefit from Shared Assessment’s efforts to keep our Program Tools in alignment with current regulatory and industry standards, including NIST, FFIEC, ISO, HIPAA and PCI and other international standards for privacy, security and business resiliency.

Additional benefits include:


  • Reputational and brand visibility as a software provider offering products built with the Shared Assessments Program Tools.
  • Use of the Shared Assessments name and logo on your product and in promotions.
  • Your company name and logo prominently displayed on the Shared Assessments website, in promotional materials and at Shared Assessments events.


  • Help shape and refine the industry de-facto risk assessment standard tools: the Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire and the Shared Assessments Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP), by participation in the SIG and AUP Development Committees.
  • Participation in members-only content development groups and awareness groups, that author whitepapers and present webinars.
  • Access to join or present to the Shared Assessments Member Forum and other members-only meetings and events with key industry thought leaders to learn about the latest developments in vendor risk management and regulatory compliance.
  • Discounts on registrations, sponsorships and exhibitorships at the Shared Assessments Summit, an annual two day in-person forum providing expertise on the outsourcing landscape, regulator insights, updates on global trends and other third party risk management topics of interest.
  • Access to events with key industry thought leaders and knowledge experts to learn about the latest developments in information security, privacy, business resiliency and regulatory compliance.

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