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Member Questions


What changes will I see to my membership? 
We do not anticipate any changes to your membership, the benefits you receive, or the relationships you enjoy with the staff at Shared Assessments. You’ll see this reflected throughout the FAQ below; we expect for things to remain “business as usual” for Shared Assessments, members, licensees, the steering committee and advisory board, and working groups.  


Will this affect my membership? Pricing?  

No, we don’t have any plans to change membership benefits or pricing at this time 


Do I still get certification and Summit passes included (if applicable)? 

Yes, you will continue to enjoy all your member benefits.  


Will I have to sign a new contract with Shared Assessments? 

At this timeonly members that are actively in a renewal need to sign a new contract. This renewal is in line with the renewal you would have signed before the acquisition close.   


I just paid for a multi-year license extension, can you confirm this will remain in place through the life of the term? 

Yes, we will honor the terms in your multi-year contract. 


Who gets to determine what changes are made to licensing or membership in the future? Will that be controlled by OneTrust? 

No, the Steering Committee serves as the governing body for Shared Assessments with the staff. 

Changes to licensing and membership will continue to follow its existing structure and processes, including approvals from the Shared Assessments CEO and Board of Directors.  


Will the Shared Assessments brand change? 

No, we have no plans to alter the Shared Assessments brand.  


Will the people I deal with at Shared Assessments remain the same? 

Yes, we are excited that all employees will stay on the team and you will continue your relationships with them as you always have.  


As a member, will I get special pricing on OneTrust products? 

We’re not offering any special pricing on OneTrust products at this time for Shared Assessments members, and any interest in OneTrust products will be managed through OneTrust and separately from Shared Assessments.  


Will Shared Assessments webinars and events still earn CPEs? 

Yes, Shared Assessments webinars and events will continue to deliver valuable content for our community and CPEs will continue to be earned and distributed.  


Will the CTPRP and CTPRA still be offered? Will rules around my continued certification change? 

Yes, the CTPRP and CTPRA will continue to be offered, and we will look for ways to improve and expand our certification programs. There are no anticipated changes to rules regarding certifications.  


Will Shared Assessments still be hiring a CEO? 

Yes, we are still planning to hire a CEO. Cathy will serve in her interim CEO role for two years, and assist with the transition to our new CEO.  


Will OneTrust get access to my contact information and start emailing me? 

No, there are no plans to share member information to OneTrust. OneTrust will only contact you if you opted in to receiving communications from sponsors at Shared Assessments webinars, webinars, resource downloads, or other activities.


SIG Questions

Will OneTrust restrict access to the SIG or raise the price or nullify existing contracts? 
No, no changes are planned to existing and pending contracts and access to the SIG. It is in the best interests of all of us to drive standardization on the SIG; we want licensees and members to use the SIG and will encourage that in whatever ways we can. 


Will the SIG continue to be offered as an excel document? 

Yes, we plan to continue to offer the SIG in an excel document.   


Will I have to use the SIG in the OneTrust platform? 

No, there are no plans to make the SIG exclusive to any technology platform.  


Will the SIG become more Privacy-focused as a result of this?  The SIG will continue to evolve to include all risks that firms face, especially with their vendors. Risks like geopolitical, ESG, business continuity, etc. and privacy will continue to be added to the SIG to reflect the changing environment. 


Licensee Questions


Will I continue to have access to the SIG for use in my product?  

Yes, all licensees will continue to enjoy the use of the SIG in your product.  


What guarantees do I have that the access will continue? 

The success of the SIG is driven by its adoption globally, and it is in best interest of the third-party risk community as a whole to continue to make the SIG available to any licensee, member, and company. There are no plans to restrict the SIG’s availability to any licensee.  


Will this change our licensing structurepricing, or contract timelines 

We have no plans to change licensee structurepricing, or contract timelines.  


Can I license the SIG without being a Shared Assessments member? 

As a members-based organization, we believe membership is critical to the SIG’s success and adoption, and do not have plans to offer SIG licensing separate from membership.  


I’m using a SIG badge to market our product. Will that still be available and down the road will it include OneTrust branding? 

We are proud you are using the SIG badge to market your product, and encourage you to keep doing so. There are no plans to associate OneTrust branding with the SIG.  


Will my organization still be invited to sit on committees? 

Yes, you will enjoy all the same benefits as a licensee and member of Shared Assessments, including the ability to sit on committees.  


Sponsorship Questions


Will OneTrust get exclusivity or first choice to sponsor events and webinars? 

Noall events will be open to any sponsor, with preference to members and on opportunities offered in the order sponsorships are secured. All members, including OneTrust, will receive information about sponsoring events and webinars at the same time. OneTrust has been a consistent sponsor of events like the Summit and webinars and will continue to do so.  
What happens to the database and webinar attendee data? 
Per our existing policies, we do not share webinar or sponsored event data with anyone except the sponsor, and that is only with optin permission from the attendees. The same goes for our database, and we adhere to appropriate privacy principles around membership data in our IMIS database. There are no plans to share sponsored event attendee data or database information outside of our existing policies and security frameworks.  

Will OneTrust branding have a bigger presence than other licensees? 

As a member, OneTrust will continue to be offeresponsorship and branding opportunities, but we do not have plans for OneTrust to have any additional branding or presence by defaultOneTrust and all members are invited to choose from our sponsorship packages, or make custom recommendations to meet member marketing goals.  


Shared Assessments has never recommended one licensee over another. Will this change? 

Shared Assessments will continue as a vendor neutral industry organization and does not plan to recommend any one licensee over another.  


Will Shared Assessments Summit change? 
We will still offer all members opportunities to sponsor Shared Assessments Summit, and are looking into ways we can expand the Summit globally and reach new audiences and risk domains.  


SEcurity Questions


What assurances do I have that industry information I share with Shared Assessments SMEs or product managers will not be shared with OneTrust? 

Shared Assessments is committed to maintaining the same level of trust, ethics, and integrity that our members have always expected from us. We will be reviewing and updating our policies to be sure they are in line with our member and licensee expectations. These policies will be available for all members to memorialize our commitments and remain transparently available. In these policies, we will outline our commitment to confidentiality of our members and the information they share with Shared Assessments.  


Will information in the Steering Committee and Working Groups be shared with OneTrust? 

We have no plans to change the way our Steering Committee or Working Groups work today. One of the strengths of Shared Assessments is creating an environment where competitors collaborate and share. We intend to continue that in our committees and working groups. 

All members and licensees, including OneTrust, will be invited to participate in these discussions of these groups. Shared Assessments has for 15 years managed collaborative discussions among competitors in a trusted environment, and this plans to continue.  




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