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How To Retain Your CTPRA Certification

To retain your certification, CTPRA holders must comply with the following requirements:

  • Successfully meet all of the CTPRA program requirements;
  • Successfully earn the required number of CPE credits annually;
  • Current with payments for the annual maintenance and renewal fees;
  • Successfully abiding by the Shared Assessments Code of Ethics

Annual and Three Year Certification Period

Your certification expires at the end of three (3) years.  For new CTPRA holders, the annual and three-year certification periods begin the date you are approved for your designation.  This date can be found on your “Certificate of Completion” mailed to you when you pass your certification exam.

CPE Requirements

CTPRA holders must attain and report a minimum of twenty (20) CPE hours annually.  CPE credit hours may be earned through Shared Assessments Program Activities or through external activities appropriate to the vendor risk management subject matter.  CTPRA holders may be required to participate in an audit of CPE credits.

CPE credits may be submitted with your annual maintenance fee on an annual basis, or submitted with your third year’s renewal payment.

Please submit CPE credits using the form found in the CPE Submission Form.

Please submit your CPEs to

Learn More about how to Obtain CPE hours.

Annual payment of the CTPRA Maintenance Fee

The annual maintenance fee is $100.00. Invoice notification for renewal will be provided ninety (90) days in advance of due date or certification expiration.

Use of the CTPRA Acronym

CTPRA holders may use the CTPRA acronym following their name in signatures, business cards, websites, resumes, and other materials.  (Example: John Q. Public, CTPRA).  Shared Assessments does not provide individual use of the Shared Assessments or CTPRA logo.

For questions, please call The Santa Fe Group at (505) 466-6434 or email

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