James H. Gellert

James H. Gellert

Chairman & CEO, RapidRatings

James H. Gellert is the Chairman and CEO of RapidRatings, a financial health data and analytics company based in New York City.

He is a recognized international authority on corporate counterparty risk management, supply chain risk, the health of public and private businesses, and US rating regulation.

Mr. Gellert began his career in the credit world, working in Debt Capital Markets at multiple global banks, most prominently running business for Deutsche Bank, bringing non-US corporates, financial institutions and sovereign entities into the US public and private debt capital markets, as well as for issuance of global bonds. Since entering the technology world, he has run four private companies – three in data, risk and media, and one, an investment banking boutique focused on raising capital and M&A in the financial information services industry. He sold three of these companies and acquired RapidRatings to focus entirely on financial risk for credit and supply chain risk professionals.

RapidRatings has received awards and accolades for risk management in credit and supply chain, and Mr. Gellert has been awarded the “Pros to Know” title in the supply chain industry. He is a regular guest on broadcast news outlets, including CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Yahoo! Finance; and quoted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, MarketWatch, and industry trade publications. His views have consistently been sought by federal regulators and the United States Congress, and he is a frequently-invited panelist and speaker at the US Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulators.