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Executive Summary: Principles of Third Party Contract Development, Adherence & Management

This Executive Summary provides and overview of third party contract best practices for setting realistic expectations for both parties regarding due diligence, contract negotiations, onboarding, oversight (including control assessments), reporting requirements and terminations. The Summary contains the key components for optimizing contract processes across the vendor lifecycle. This is the companion to the more in-depth white paper.

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Principles of Third Party Contract Development, Adherence & Management

Principles of Third Party Contract Development, Adherence & Management and its companion Executive Summary document, discuss how robust contract development practices provide benefits to both the outsourcer and the third party provider. These resources provide guidelines for developing a defined organizational structure in which parameters are set at the beginning of a contracting process to establish a solid foundation for the success of the relationship and improve the maturity of the outsourcer’s third party risk management program.

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Balancing Compliance & Convenience in Digital Device Use

Have we become convenience junkies? We have become a mobile society, a mobile economy, and we live a mobile life. Seventy-seven percent of Americans now own smartphones. How do we balance this convenience with privacy, security and risk? Linnea Solem, Chairperson of the Shared Assessments Program Privacy Working Group, explores that balance in this article. Contacts for downloads of this article will be shared with the co-author and Shared Assessments member, Copytalk.

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Risk Rating Third Parties: Optimizing Risk Management Outcomes

The objectivity of a risk rating process that follows best practices informs a more effective evaluation and comparison of third party control postures. This white paper discusses what third party risk rating is, what risk rating is needed and how an organization can apply risk rating best practices as part of their risk management program. It is essential that a pre-engagement risk rating is performed on every potential third party to determine appropriate levels of due diligence oversight and set relevant expectations for ongoing assessments.

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Evaluating Cloud Risk for the Enterprise - An Updated Shared Assessments Guide

In the past seven years we have seen tremendous changes in technology, personnel and business practices. Cloud has now become the de-facto industry model for providing a computing service. Mobile has become the most common model for accessing data. Cloud platforms are managing billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices daily; and new exciting developments are evolving, such as microservices, to allow previously unimaginable scalability and efficiencies.

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Assessment of Public Cloud Computing Vendors

Unique concerns exist around assessing security and controls for public cloud vendor use. This paper addresses those concerns and emerging best practice solutions for outsourcers seeking a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), as well as outsourcers engaging in relationships with third parties that use a CSP.

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Fourth Party Risk Management White Paper

Risk from downstream parties is increasing as outsourcing organizations engage more and more third parties who themselves have their own outside provider relationships. The proliferation of fourth party relationships provides the undesired opportunity for the existence of significant risk management gaps.

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Continuous Monitoring of Third Party Vendors: Building Best Practices

Moving the Needle on Longitudinal Tracking for More Effective Processes Continuous monitoring, a subset of ongoing monitoring, moves the risk posture of systems to a level that allows tracking over time, often in real-time, to raise awareness of changing vulnerabilities and processes for more effective decision-making and achieve discernable gains in risk management.

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Building Best Practices in Third Party Risk Management: Involving Procurement White Paper

Establishing a strong standard for risk management means including all stakeholders before a third party is brought on board.  The paper focuses on ways to effectively integrate Procurement into the third party oversight function.

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Financial Services Industry Call to Action

The increased connectivity and complexity of critical infrastructure systems both nationally and globally puts economic and public security squarely at the forefront of risk management in every sector and industry vertical. A proactive stance is clearly required to establish best practices for more mature risk management programs industry-wide. The financial services industry is in position to continue its leadership role in third party risk management, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of risk management programs at both the outsourcer and provider levels to collectively raise the bar and establish effective industry-wide risk management solutions.

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