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1. General

This Cookie Policy contains information about the use of cookies on the Santa Fe Group | Shared Assessments website ( (the Website). By visiting and using the Website, you declare that you expressly agree with the use of cookies as described below.

Most internet browsers are set in such a way that cookies are automatically accepted. If you would prefer this not to be the case, you can change the settings for cookies in your browser; you will find more information about this in point 4. “Managing Cookies”.

This Cookie Policy applies only to

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2. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small information files that are stored by the server of a website, via your browser, either temporarily or permanently on the hard disk of your computer or device.

Cookies can have a variety of functions: they can better organize the Website based on your preference settings as a visitor; they can store and update statistical data, organizing the contents and/or advertising of the Website to your personal requirements, etc.

3. Use of Cookies on this Website

This Website ( currently only uses session cookies, that means the cookies are set for the duration of the current internet browser session and only when a user logs into the webpage to download a whitepaper, register for an event, or provides us with contact information. This session cookie lasts ONLY as long as the internet browser is open. Once the internet browser is closed, the session ends, and the cookie is deleted.

The cookies used by the Santa Fe Group | Shared Assessments never contain any personal data.
Virtually all of the cookies placed on this Website are our own cookies, and are registered to us through the domain.

4. Managing Cookies

Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies, but all browsers will allow you to adjust and personalize your cookie settings according to your personal preferences.

This Website uses cookies to make the site more accessible to you when you log on. For example cookies may be set to ensure you do not have to choose your language each time you visit; or have to click through the reference to the Cookie Policy; or so you don’t have to see the same information screens each time, etc.

If you wish to have this ease and convenience of use, you can accept cookies from this Website, even if you usually prefer to block the use of cookies in general.

You will find more information below about the settings used for the most popular browsers. All browsers provide the ability to manage the cookies that are stored on your computer/device. You can refuse or allow cookies, or you can indicate specific sites for which you are willing to accept cookies. Internet browsers on mobile devices usually have fewer personalization options than computers therefore, you may not be able to control all of your cookie preferences.

Additionally, if you make any changes to your settings today, it will have no effect on any cookies that may already be stored on your computer or device. This means that you will have to go through and delete those cookies on each device separately.

5. Changes

The Santa Fe Group | Shared Assessments reserves the right to modify or update this Cookie Policy at any time. This means you must always take account of the most recent version on the website available via the link for the “Cookie Policy” at the bottom of the page.


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