Data Governance Products

Data Governance Products can be used to address specific data protection obligations in third-party risk.

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Data Governance Products

The Data Governance Products provide a set of solutions that can be used to address specific data protection obligations in third-party risk. Given the pace and complexity of data protection regulations, Shared Assessments’ Data Governance Products to help organizations navigate and address data governance in third-party relationships. Our Data Governance Products were originally built to meet the demands of GDPR but have grown to include the requirements from various privacy regulations and framework updates, including CPRA/CCPA.

What’s Included In The Data Governance Products?

Data Governance products include these files.

Data Governance Products User Procedure Guide

The Data Governance User Procedure Guide includes instructions for using the Target Data Tracker, Privacy SIG, and Privacy SCA Procedure as a part of conducting data protection or data privacy third-party risk assessment.

Privacy SIG Questionnaire Template

A scoped privacy SIG Template to be used when conducting a stand-alone data protection impact assessment or as a pre-scoping product for prioritizing vendor assessments.

Privacy SCA Procedure Template

A scoped privacy SCA Standardized Test Procedure that identifies a set of documentation, artifacts, and privacy criteria to be evaluated when an assessment requires a focused privacy risk assessment tailored by the services that are outsourced.

Target Data Tracker (TDT)

A data governance product that enables the identification, tracking, and monitoring of the use and disclosure of personal data to third and fourth parties.  

Data Governance Products Are Used By 15,000+ People World-Wide

Data Governance Areas

Our Data Governance Products cover these critical focus areas that outsourcers should address: 

  • Business Model Context
  • Data Classification
  • Data Flows or Movement
  • Data Processing Requirements
  • Data Protection Safeguards
  • Data Locations & Fourth/Nth Parties