Leadership Team

Catherine A. Allen

Founder, Chairman and Interim CEO

Robin Slade

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Burke

Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Colleen Milazzo

Senior Vice President, TPR Software Products

Christine Gonzalez

Senior Vice President, Operations

Vicki Dean

Senior Vice President, Sales

Bob Jones

Senior Advisor

Charlie Miller

Senior Advisor

Gary Roboff

Senior Advisor

Nasser Fattah

Senior Advisor

Tom Garrubba

Vice President

Jeremy Byellin

Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Andy Hout

Vice President, Tool Development and Implementation

Leslie Dube

Vice President, Events

Ron Bradley

Vice President

Bruce Javitz

Director, Finance

Sylvie Obledo

Director, Project Management

Laura Waller

Director, Member Relations

Kelly Ann McCarthy

Director, Human Resources

Ricco Roby

Director, E-Learning

Rick Haynes

Senior Project Manager

Kelly Wagner

Senior Manager, Events

Christopher Campbell

Manager, Sales

Jessica Calzada

Project Manager

Erica Lord

Manager, Sales Operations

Dan Mylett

Manager, Sales

Anthony Noriega

Member Relations Associate

Chris Nordmeyer

Education Administration Manager

Alyssa Peralta

Education Administrative Assistant