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The Shared Assessments Program is a member-driven community that advances industry standard best practices and tools for consistent, efficient and cost-effective third party management.

A Shared Assessments Membership gives organizations not only access to thought leadership, education and the Third Party Risk Management Toolkit, but also the opportunity to work alongside industry peers to influence and create them.

Member List

Shared Assessments Membership

The Shared Assessments membership spans a variety of industries and organizations of many sizes and needs from tech start ups to large financial institutions.

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Content Licensee

Licensee Membership

Software and platform providers keep third party risk assessment content up to the most current set of industry standard best practices.

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Assessment Firms

Assessment Firms

Assessment Firm members have access to the Shared Assessment Tools, (including the SCA), methodology and certification.

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Benefits of Membership


Early Warning adheres to a security program that ensures we protect all of our customers’ data including Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Through active participation and membership in the Shared Assessments Program, we leverage the Program Tools and resources to make our customer audits as efficient as possible.


Customer and Industry Relations Executive | Early Warning Services

Membership Types

Tool Subscriber Member Licensee Assessment Firm
Tool Use Provides access to use tools for SELF ASSESSMENT or to assess THIRD PARTIES (no limitation on number of assessments). Provides access to use tools for SELF ASSESSMENT or to assess THIRD PARTIES (no limitation on number of assessments). Embed the Shared Assessments Third Party Risk Management Toolkit content into their own products. Perform SCA procedures when either the client or the service provider holds license. Lead assessor must hold the CTPRA certification.
Fee Structure Annual fee for use of all current Program Tools. Annual membership fee based on market capital or revenue. Membership plus annual licensing fee. Annual membership fee based on market capital or revenue.
Purchase Options On website or through check. Purchase order. Signed membership agreement required. Purchase order. Signed content license agreement required. Purchase order. Signed membership agreement required.
White papers, studies, articles X X X X
Toolkit License to tools for time of subscription. X X X
Framework X X X
Committee Leadership X X X
Certification and Summit Discounts X X X
Member Resources – webinars, member directory X X X
Networking X X X

Membership Dues Structure

Market Cap / Annual Revenue Annual Membership Included
$100B+ $40K 4 Summit Passes, 4 Certifications
$25B – $99.9B $30K 3 Summit Passes, 3 Certifications
$10B – $24.9B $20K 2 Summit Passes, 2 Certifications
$500M – $9.9B $12K 1 Summit Pass or 1 Certification
Under $499M $8K
Government & Regulatory Agencies $5K
Membership dues for organizations are based on market capitalization for public companies or annual revenue for private organizations. Membership dues are collected on an annual basis dependent of join date.
Summit passes and Certifications are non-transferrable.

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