Nation’s First Financial Services Climate Guidance - It’s Not Too Late to Answer the Call for Comments

by Gary Roboff | June 4, 2021 | Public Policy

The New York State Department of Financial Services became the first regulator in the United States to issue proposed climate related guidance (NYSDFS Proposed Climate Change Risk Management Guidance for New York Domestic Insurers), and feedback is welcome through June 23rd. Aimed at domestic insure ....


ESG in TPRM: Third Party Risk Management Goes Green

by Eric Krell | May 31, 2021 | Third Party Risk Management

There’s no “e” in third party risk management (TPRM), but that’s quickly changing thanks to new environmental regulations, rapidly growing clean-energy investments, changing societal norms and other factors that show no sign of waning. TPRM practitioners should take note, as this trend will ....


Partnering with Procurement for Success

May 26, 2021 | Third Party Risk Management

Procurement is essential to most businesses. Obtaining outsourced goods and services for the organization at the best possible value from vetted vendors drives business success. As risk is pervasive in sourcing and the supply chain, Risk Management and Procurement need to team up to deliver outsourc ....

TPRM Procurement

Bottom Line on Healthy TPRM Procurement Relationships: Money Can’t Buy Me Love

by Eric Krell | May 25, 2021 | Third Party Risk Management

Prior to the pandemic, the procurement profession could have benefitted from little brand management. Purchasing professionals in more than a few companies had a reputation for obsessing over price to the exclusion of all other factors. Colleagues rolled their eyes at procurement’s strict sourcing ....

Risk Operations Center

Horizon Scanning, Predictive Analytics & Risk Operations Center – An Overview

by Phil Bennett, John Bree, Alpa Inamdar, Bob Jones, Kaelyn Lewis, Charlie Miller, Gary Roboff | May 19, 2021 | Business Continuity, Business Resiliency, Supply Chain

Risk Operations Centers provide a single, centralized resource point for risk and resiliency governance. When incorporated into organizational governance regimes they can provide real-time, ongoing horizon scanning and predictive information. To be practical, there must be the capacity to receive, a ....

Ethical AI

The Future of Everything - Especially Ethical AI

by Sabine Zimmer | May 13, 2021 | Corporate Culture

The Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival just ended. Socialite Paris Hilton was there. Contemporary Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei was there. And, Shared Assessments was there to take in a few sessions.   The session most relevant to Risk Management and Privacy was an ....

reputational risk

Your Reputation Is Your Wealth

by Laura Waller | May 11, 2021 | Corporate Culture, Supply Chain

Imagine cracking open a fortune cookie and finding this sage advice on the paper slip: “Your reputation is your wealth.”   A recent Shared Assessments’ Operational/Industrial Technology Risk Management Working Group meeting cracked open this cookie as they examined reputation and ex ....

TPRM Professional

Advice for Busy TPRM Professionals

by Laura Waller | May 9, 2021 | Third Party Risk Management

In this blogpost, we hear from Member Relations Manager Laura Waller for efficient ways to take advantage of a Shared Assessments membership. In the course of touching base with Shared Assessments members, a common theme appears: There Just Is Not Enough Time. Not enough time to do the things ....


Shared Assessments to Join Forces with OneTrust 

by Sabine Zimmer | May 3, 2021 | Third Party Risk Management

It’s an exciting day to be a part of the Shared Assessments third party-risk community! Today we announced we have signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by OneTrust, the #1 fastest-growing company on the Inc. 500 and category-defining software platform to operationalize privacy, s ....


New EU AI Regulations: 4 Data Points

by Eric Krell | May 3, 2021 | Data & Cybersecurity

In his 2010 dystopian novel Super Sad True Love Story, Gary Shteyngart portrays a near-future in which “credit poles” on city sidewalks continually ping pedestrians with updates of their credit-score. All citizens also wear pendants equipped with by “RateMe Plus” technology, a crowd-sourcing ....

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