Third-Party Risk Education

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Third-Party Risk Management Education and Certification

Doing business in an outsourced economy requires expertise to meet the necessary strategies, processes, and practices when evaluating and managing vendor risk and overseeing the security of sensitive data once it’s in the hands of third parties.


TPRM Fundamentals

This certificate-based learning course is designed for individuals with limited or no third-party risk experience. The training provides an overview of key third-party risk concepts, program components, and processes involved in minimizing risk in third-party relationships.

TPRM Fundamentals teaches the foundations of vendor risk management including:

  • Terminology and drivers for third-party risk
  • Core structures of a third party-risk management program
  • Basics of risk control objectives, risk statements, and types of controls
  • Components in managing assessments


SIG Fundamentals

Developed for novice users of the SIG questionnaire, this certificate-based training examines the organizational structure of the SIG, key differences between a SIG Core and Lite, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to create truly custom questionnaires to fit the needs of your vendor assessments.

SIG Fundamentals is a self-paced training that reviews the basics of the SIG assessment questionnaire including:

  • Using standard and custom templates to create SIG questionnaires
  • Scoping best practices to create a custom questionnaire
  • Overview and benefits of the SIG Content Library
  • Distributing SIG questionnaires for completion


Certified Third-Party Risk Professional

The CTPRP is designed for third-party risk, procurement and compliance professionals, including business vendor managers, risk managers, vendor IT security managers, IT assessors and IS professionals.

CTPRP holders will demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of third-party risk management concepts and principles, including:

  • Managing the vendor lifecycle
  • Vendor risk identification and rating
  • Fundamentals of vendor risk assessment, monitoring and management

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May 21-22, 2024 | 10:00am – 3:00pm ET

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Certified Third-Party Risk Assessor

The CTRPA is designed for IT/IS third-party risk professionals, including individuals performing assessments, onsite or remote, of third parties relative to the risk tolerance of the assessor organization.

CTPRA holders performing assessments will demonstrate advanced knowledge of:

  • Organizational safety and security
  • Physical and environmental security of data environment
  • Network security

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June 12-13, 2024 | 10:00am – 3:00pm ET

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Credentials Driving Credibility

“The primary benefit of the certifications is the associated body of knowledge…It has held up as the golden standard in the TPRM profession even as the profession has expanded significantly in the past few years. When we present to prospective clients or advise existing clients we can lean on our experience and both [certification] bodies of knowledge as industry best practices. That gives us a unique perspective…””

— Bill Deller, CTPRP/CTPRA, Schneider Downs IT Risk Advisory Services Manager