Andrew Moyad

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Andrew Moyad

Chief Executive Officer, Shared Assessments

Andrew is the CEO of Shared Assessments, a global membership organization that supports hundreds of companies, risk programs, and thousands of associated third-party and other risk professionals.  As a risk practitioner and executive, he has driven a culture of accountability and diligence in safeguarding information and other assets for organizations and their third parties.  He has more than 25 years of experience in risk management and information security.

Prior to joining Shared Assessments in 2022, Andrew served as Senior Vice President, Vendor Risk Management at Blackstone for four years, where he led a team of risk professionals responsible for overseeing all phases of the vendor lifecycle at the firm.  Prior to Blackstone, he worked at BlackRock from 2010-18, where he first joined and then eventually led the firm’s Vendor Risk Management team.  Before that, Andrew worked at Citigroup nine years, finishing as a Senior Vice President and Business Information Security Officer in Global Fixed Income, leading onsite third-party risk assessments across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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