Best Practices for Effective Third-Party Security Risk Management

Best Practices for Effective Third-Party Security Risk Management

Date: Thursday, January 26, 2023

Time: 11:00am-12:00pm ET


✔ Andrew Moyad, CEO, Shared Assessments, Shared Assessments

✔ Dov Goldman, Director of Risk and Compliance, Panorays


InfoSec, IT risk and digital supply chain management professionals know the key to minimizing the risk of third-party breaches: implementing a comprehensive and efficient third-party security risk management (TPRSM) process. This webinar will explore the challenges surrounding third-party security and provide steps for efficient and effective TPSRM.

This session will cover:

    • Why third-party information security is more challenging now than before
    • Essentials in the third-party security risk management process and what common gaps
    • Guidance for CISOs to ensure third parties comply with regulatory requirements
    • Automation of third-party security (Is it possible to assess a third party’s attack surface with an automated platform?)
    • Communication with vendors to remediate cyber gaps
    • Onboarding new suppliers securely

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