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Best Practices for Effective Third-Party Security Risk Management

InfoSec, IT risk and digital supply chain management professionals know the key to minimizing the risk of third-party breaches: implementing a comprehensive and efficient third-party security risk management (TPRSM) process. This webinar will explore the challenges surrounding third-party security and provide steps for efficient and effective TPSRM.

This session will cover:

    • Why third-party information security is more challenging now than before
    • Essentials in the third-party security risk management process and what common gaps
    • Guidance for CISOs to ensure third parties comply with regulatory requirements
    • Automation of third-party security (Is it possible to assess a third party’s attack surface with an automated platform?)
    • Communication with vendors to remediate cyber gaps
    • Onboarding new suppliers securely
  • Andrew Moyad
    CEO, Shared Assessments, Shared Assessments
    Andrew is an accomplished leader and trailblazer in third party risk management. As a practitioner and a senior risk management executive, he has driven a culture of accountability and diligence in safeguarding information. Andrew has more than 25 years in risk management and information security. He has contributed greatly to the transformation and advancement of risk management as a strategic function that intersects with and helps guide all aspects of organizations.
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  • Dov Goldman
    Director of Risk and Compliance, Panorays
    Dov has years of experience in the third-party risk and compliance field, as well as a long history as a serial entrepreneur, software and network engineer. Dov focuses on the evolving best practices and industry standards in third-party management and regulatory compliance. Previously, Dov was VP of innovation at Opus, director of product marketing at Navigant, and founder and CEO of Cognet Corp and Dynalog Technologies. Dov has spoken at industry events around the world and has been quoted in numerous industry press articles, as well as The Wall Street Journal, about information security and privacy.
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