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Risk Quantification

Risk Quantification: Techniques For The Extended Enterprise

In the current business landscape, organizations rely on numerous third and Nth parties to produce goods and services. The complexity of these outsourcing activities makes it difficult to understand risks across the supply chain. At the same time, new risks are mounting, and the frequency of severe ....

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Geopolitical Risk

Guide: Geopolitical Risk - Spotlight on the Russia/Ukraine Conflict

Geopolitical risk stems from war, terrorism, and even ongoing tensions between states that derail normal and peaceful international relations. Geopolitical risk has an adverse impact on the delicate balance of the world’s economy, security, and political relations. What does geopolitical ri ....

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A Unified Third Party Continuous Monitoring Cybersecurity Taxonomy

This paper provides a unified continuous monitoring cybersecurity taxonomy. A living document designed to evolve with the cybersecurity landscape, the taxonomy advances communication about evaluating and monitoring the impact of cyber threats. Cybersecurity monitoring solution providers, outsourcers ....

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Complex Supply Chains - Gaining Visibility into Nth Party Governance

This briefing paper provides insight into gaining greater supply chain sovereignty by identifying critical dependencies across both inbound and outbound supply chains. Adopting this proactive stance provides many opportunities for organizations, including being ready to respond to the regulatory cha ....

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CTA scaled

C-Suite Call to Action - Risk Management Through A Different Lens

This paper provides a quick overview and concrete action steps that will help organizations achieve superior outcomes over time. Traditional approaches that rely solely on point-in-time assessments can no longer keep up with rapidly changing or emerging risks. Determine how to make your program work ....

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