Papers and Studies

Stay on top of the latest in Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) with Shared Assessments’ papers and studies. Learn industry trends and take away best practices to improve your approach. Read on and rock on, risk management!

Framework Introduction

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Framework for Managing Third Party Reputation Risk: Identifying, Assessing, Reporting, Mitigating, and Monitoring

Reputation is the currency by which organizations work and survive. Organizations that build and maintain positive reputations gain competitive advantage and credibility. Our newest briefing paper offers practical guidance for managing reputation risk by providing a TRPM Reputation Risk Framework which includes practices for Governance, Due Diligence, and Incident Management and Reporting. The principles offered […]

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A Unified Third Party Continuous Monitoring Cybersecurity Taxonomy

This paper provides a unified continuous monitoring cybersecurity taxonomy. A living document designed to evolve with the cybersecurity landscape, the taxonomy advances communication about evaluating and monitoring the impact of cyber threats. Cybersecurity monitoring solution providers, outsourcers, and third party service providers collaborated in Shared Assessments’ Continuous Monitoring Working Group to develop this first version […]

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The Role of ERM in Managing Risks Related to New Technologies

The Role of ERM in Managing Risks Related to New Technologies and its companion Executive Summary document examine the challenges that come with significant technology shifts, such as IoT, AI, 5G and quantum encryption and computing; and the valuable role that the board and C-suite can play in helping organizations to recognize and respond to […]

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Executive Summary: The Role of ERM in Managing Risks Related to New Technologies

This Executive Summary provides an overview of the challenges related to emerging technologies and key steps identified to help establish effective risk monitoring programs that are responsive to potential risks related to new technologies. This is the companion to the more in-depth briefing paper.

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CCPA Privacy Guidelines and Checklists

This set of California Online Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) resources are provided to share insights and best practices on how to understand aspects of CCPA and the implications that this regulation has on Third Party risk management. These resources work in conjunction with the Shared Assessments Third Party Privacy Tools, a component in the Third […]

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Building TPRM Resources in Light of Increasing Risks & Regulatory Change: Tools to Align with Business Goals

Third party risk managers are struggling to convey the need for the additional resources to develop and sustain a robust TPRM program. Shared Assessments members came together to create a coherent picture of the emerging challenges and provide actionable tools that practitioners can use to document their business case for optimizing TPRM resource allocation within […]

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Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Call To Action

Benchmarking shows that against industries as a whole CPG has been slower in making program maturity gains in TPRM processes. The Shared Assessments Consumer Packaged Goods Vertical Strategy Group (CPG-VSG) has examined the gap between third party risk management (TPRM) practices and the current threat environment. The group has championed this Call to Action in […]

Balancing Compliance & Convenience in Digital Device Use

Have we become convenience junkies? We have become a mobile society, a mobile economy, and we live a mobile life. Seventy-seven percent of Americans now own smartphones. How do we balance this convenience with privacy, security and risk? Linnea Solem, Chairperson of the Shared Assessments Program Privacy Working Group, explores that balance in this article. […]

Financial Services Industry Call to Action

The increased connectivity and complexity of critical infrastructure systems both nationally and globally puts economic and public security squarely at the forefront of risk management in every sector and industry vertical. A proactive stance is clearly required to establish best practices for more mature risk management programs industry-wide. The financial services industry is in position […]

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