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Iron Mountain Achieves Peak SIG Adoption

Iron Mountain is a recognized leader for storage and information management services around the world. This paper describes Iron Mountain's journey to achieving peak Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire adoption. While utilizing the SIG, Iron Mountain experienced significant reduct ....

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TPRM Ransomware

Third Party Focused Ransomware Strategy: An Enterprise-Wide Collaborative Strategy Guide for TPRM Professionals

This paper provides process and program guidance on meaningful, incremental improvements for organizations of all sizes, whether operating locally or globally. The content is designed for both beginning and seasoned security and TPRM practitioners, with an introduction to help inform C-Suite and Boa ....

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Which SIG

Which SIG Should I Use?

When scoping your Vendor Risk Questionnaires, which SIG should you use? The SIG offers three tiering structures - the SIG LITE, the SIG CORE, and the SIG Detail Questionnaire. This paper defines each of the tiers and their use cases. ....

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ESG Preview

Guide: ESG In The 2023 SIG

In our 2023 Third-Party Risk management Product Suite, we have 131 questions that cover Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) within the Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire. ESG is now its own risk domain which allows users to scope an ESG-specific SIG. You will be able to co ....

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risk management pandemic

Guide: Evolving Work Environments - Impact of Covid-19

In and outside of work, the Covid-19 pandemic was a mandatory exercise in flexibility. What are the workplace shifts we see impacting third-party risk management as we emerge from the pandemic? This guide emphasizes how the pandemic has affected profile and management of third parties by:  ....

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