Venminder offers a world-class SaaS platform that guides and streamlines third-party risk management. Today, more than 1,200 customers globally use Venminder to manage the entire end-to-end vendor lifecycle, from onboarding new vendors to ongoing management to offboarding vendors.

Venminder has mastered the art of combining technology with the human experience. This expertise empowers their platform to enable customers to manage vendors, contracts, due diligence tasks, questionnaires, risk assessments, and monitoring. Completed assessments on vendor controls can be ordered through their Vendiligence™ service to reduce due diligence review workloads and include thorough assessments of a vendor’s information security, SOC reports, contracts, financials, business continuity/disaster recovery, and more.

For continuous vendor monitoring, their Venmonitor™ tool provides intelligence for better risk-based decisions. It brings the industry’s best risk intelligence data into one central location, allowing you to screen vendor or supplier performance across multiple risk domains, including cybersecurity, ESG, privacy, Know Your Vendor, business health and credit risk, and adverse media.

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