Collective Intelligence Drives Thought Leadership

Third-party risk has caused millions of dollars in loss and damage, and the heightened pace and innovation of attacks means organizations must continue to be vigilant. But no one organization can go it alone.

Shared Assessments has built a membership ecosystem of cross-industry organizations from outsourcers to vendors to regulators to technology providers. This diverse perspective produces a collective intelligence that is the foundation of all of our thought leadership.

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Benefits of Membership

A Shared Assessments Membership gives organizations not only access to thought leadership, education, and the Third-Party Risk Management Product Suite, but also the opportunity to work alongside industry peers to influence the industry.

Product Suite

Full access to our award-winning Third-Party Risk Management Product Suite, including SIG, SCA, VRMMM, & Data Governance


Increase your risk management expertise by working with other third-party risk professionals


Connect with other members through working committees, projects and the annual Summit

best practices

Work alongside the top industry experts to shape the Product Suite as well as define the direction for the industry


Reduced costs for our certification programs, CTPRP and CTPRA plus designations for the Summit


Stay up to date with access to current white papers, studies, a monthly members only forum call

Meet Our Members

Shared Assessments is made up of over 315 member organizations.

Third-Party Risk Management Products for Risk Management Professionals.

Shared Assessments thought leaders develop best practices based resources, including products that are:

  • Member-driven
  • Industry-standard
  • Consistent, robust, and cost-effective

Our products help organizations better manage third-party risk, using controls for cybersecurity, IT, privacy data security, and business resiliency. Products are kept current with industry needs, regulations, and the threat environment.