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About Shared Assessments

The Shared Assessments Program is a global membership organization dedicated to developing the best practices, education and tools to drive third party risk assurance.

Collective Intelligence Drives Thought Leadership

Third party risk has caused millions of dollars in loss and damage, and the heightened pace and innovation of attacks means organizations must continue to be vigilant. But no one organization can go it alone.

Shared Assessments has built a membership ecosystem of cross-industry organizations from outsourcers to vendors to regulators to technology providers. This diverse perspective produces a collective intelligence that is the foundation of all of our thought leadership.

The Shared Assessments Membership Builds:

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, what Shared Assessments is doing should be considered a model for how to share valuable knowledge for the greater good. Clearly the wide sharing of proven best practices and real-time threat intelligence must become more commonplace.

Byron Acohido

Cybersecurity Journalist, Security Boulevard

Shared Assessments’ thought leaders develop best practices based resources, including tools that are:


  • Member-driven
  • Industry-standard
  • Consistent, robust and cost-effective

The Program helps organizations better manage third party risk, using controls for cybersecurity, IT, privacy data security and business resiliency. Program Tools are kept current with industry need, regulations and the threat environment.

Membership has grown well beyond its founders, as companies across the globe and industries have adopted the Shared Assessments standard. The Shared Assessments Program is managed by The Santa Fe Group.

  • Who should join Shared Assessments?

    Shared Assessments members include outsourcers and their vendors across the industry spectrum. Assessment firms and service providers are also members. We offer content licenses of our third party risk tools.

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