Shared Assessments SIG Fundamentals

SIG Fundamentals is a self-paced training that reviews the basics of the SIG assessment questionnaire including:

  • Using standard and custom templates to create SIG questionnaires
  • Scoping best practices to create a custom questionnaire
  • Overview and benefits of the SIG Content Library
  • Distributing SIG questionnaires for completion

This training takes approximately 2 hours.

Who is it for?

SIG Fundamentals is an introductory training for anyone seeking a foundational understanding of the SIG questionnaire structure, benefits, and efficiencies for use:
    • Anyone who has a basic understanding of third party-risk management but is new to using the SIG to assess vendors
    • An organization with new SIG users (on-boarding)
    • A service provider looking to proactively scope, create, and answer a SIG questionnaire that can be provided to outsources

New to third party-risk management? Check out our TPRM Fundamentals training.

SIG Fundamentals: A Resounding Yes!

SIG Fundamentals has been reviewed as being a “Great informative training for someone that isn’t familiar with the SIG.”
Additionally, in a recent poll of individuals who completed the SIG Fundamentals training, we discovered the following:


would recommend the training to a colleague


said this training gave them the foundation needed to start
using the Shared Assessments SIG

Details and Registration

This self-paced, online training consists of seven modules. The first six modules conclude with a short knowledge check that must be completed prior to moving on to the next module. Module 7 consists of three practice scenarios where you apply the knowledge you’ve learned from the training. When completed, you will receive a digital certificate of completion that can be downloaded from your account. You will also receive information about signing up to receive a digital badge. The training will be available in your account for 90 days after purchase.

Price: This training is available for free to Shared Assessments Members and to those organizations that have purchased the SIG directly from Shared Assessments. If your organization is not a member of Shared Assessments or has not purchased a SIG subscription from Shared Assessments, this training is available for $150.00 per person.

Members SIG Subscribers Non-Member/Subscriber

Questions? Contact Shared Assessments Education at

SIG Fundamentals Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered in the training?

Module 1: Introduction to Shared Assessments and the SIG

Module 2: Touring the SIG

Module 3: Using Standard Templates to Create Questionnaires

Module 4: Creating Custom Templates to Create Questionnaires

Module 5: The SIG Content Library

Module 6: Sending Out SIG Questionnaires

Module 7: Practice Scenarios

Who will benefit from taking this training?
  • Shared Assessments members and active SIG subscription purchasers new to using the SIG questionnaire
  • An organization who uses the SIG and is looking to train new employees
  • A service provider looking to proactively scope, create, and answer a SIG questionnaire that can be provided to outsourcers
  • Anyone interested in the SIG but wants to know more about the fundamentals before purchasing it
    How can management in a company leverage this training?

    Organizations may leverage this training as an onboarding tool for new employees utilizing their SIG questionnaire to understand the functionality and use cases for the product.

    What is included with registration?

    The SIG Fundamentals registration includes the self-paced online training, knowledge check questions, practice scenarios and downloadable reference materials.

    How is the training accessed?

    The training is available via our online education management system. To access this training, you must set up an account identifying your company’s name. If you already have an account on the Shared Assessments Education portal, log into your account and confirm your company information is accurate.

    Are there specific computer requirements necessary to access this training?

    Any modern-day computer regardless of platform will be able to access the education management system without issue. We recommend a screen resolution of at least 1080P (1930 x 1080) and at least 10mb internet connection speed.

    Do I receive a professional designation with this training?

    No. Individuals who complete the SIG Fundamentals training receive a certificate of course completion and information on obtaining a digital badge.

    Are there any prerequisites required for this training?

    This training assumes a basic understanding of Third Party Risk Management and use of Microsoft Excel.

    How do I know if my organization is a Shared Assessments Member or SIG Subscriber?
    Can I be invoiced instead of paying by credit card?

    Yes. If you need to be invoiced for payment or need to use an alternative payment method, please email us at to arrange for payment.

    Are there group discounts available to purchase the training?

    If your organization is not a SIG subscriber or a member of Shared Assessments and would like to purchase the training for a group of people, there are discounts available. Please contact us at for details.

    Is there a time limit for me to take the training?

    Yes. The training will be available in your account for 90 days after purchase.