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"Shared Assessments Program tools allow enterprise organizations to evaluate and measure the level of IT risk across their vendors in an quantifiable, objective and repeatable process."
— Niall Browne, Shared Assessments Steering Committee Member
  • Participate in a global community of information security, privacy, and third party risk management leaders
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  • Network with information security officers, privacy officers, and other subject matter experts

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"Adopting the Shared Assessments Program enabled Deluxe to reduce cycle time, improve quality, & streamline the due diligence process. At Deluxe, two-thirds of our due diligence requests use Shared Assessment tool."
— Linnea Solem, CIPP, CIPP/C, Chief Privacy Officer, Vice President Risk and Compliance, Deluxe Corp, Shared Assessments Program Chair
  • Obtain efficiencies and cost savings by using just one document to establish and define your risk control environment
  • Reduce FTE costs by using one document to satisfy multiple client requests, rather than responding to multiple proprietary questionnaires
  • Used globally by financial institutions, healthcare organizations, energy/utility, retailers, telecommunications and others
  • Shared Assessments Program Tools kept current with regulatory and industry standards
"Implemented correctly, the Shared Assessments Program serves two critical purposes: satisfying requisite regulatory requirements, and, honoring one's fiduciary responsibility to maximize the overall cost efficiency of their third-party vendor risk management program."
— Ken Peterson, President and CEO, Churchill & Harriman, Inc., Shared Assessments Program Advisory Board Member

Failed Risk Controls – The Wells Fargo Saga, Part Two

Published on April 17, 2017 By | Posted in: Blog, Board of Directors, Tone at the Top, Wells Fargo

By: Bob Jones, Senior Advisor, The Santa Fe Group, Shared Assessments Program and Gary Roboff, Senior Advisor, The Santa Fe Group, Shared Assessments Program. The

Setting a New Benchmark – New York State Cybersecurity Requirements

Published on April 17, 2017 By | Posted in: Best Practices, Business Resiliency, Compliance, Education, Framework, Newsletter, Outsourcing, Risk Management, Third Party Risk Management, Vendor Risk Managment

For financial services companies that fall under the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) cybersecurity requirements rule, the timeline for implementing 23 NYCRR500

The Shared Assessments Program 2017 Strategic Risk Management Initiative

Published on April 11, 2017 By | Posted in: Best Practices, Board's, Business Resiliency, Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP) program, Cybersecurity, Education, Framework, Outsourcing, Risk, Risk Management, Security, Third Party Risk, Third Party Risk Management, Vendor Risk Managment

The Shared Assessments Program is the only organization that has uniquely positioned and developed standardized resources for managing the complete third party relationship lifecycle. Such

Fourth Party Risk Management White Paper

Examining Fourth Party Risk Management Issues

Emerging Best Practices within the Supply Chain

Risk from downstream parties is increasing as outsourcing organizations engage more and more third parties who themselves have their own outside provider relationships. The proliferation of fourth party relationships provides the undesired opportunity for the existence of significant risk management gaps.

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Continuous Monitoring of Third Party Vendors: Building Best Practices

Continuious Monitoring

Moving the Needle on Longitudinal Tracking for More Effective Processes

Continuous monitoring, a subset of ongoing monitoring, moves the risk posture of systems to a level that allows tracking over time, often in real-time, to raise awareness of changing vulnerabilities and processes for more effective decision-making and achieve discernable gains in risk management.

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2016 Shared Assessments Benchmark Study

Benchmark 2016 Infograp The 2016 Vendor Risk Management Benchmark Study by Shared Assessments in collaboration with global consulting firm Protiviti examines the maturity of vendor risk management.

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Building Best Practices in Third Party Risk Management: Involving Procurement White Paper

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.03.38 AM

Establishing a strong standard for risk management means including all stakeholders before a third party is brought on board. With the right tools and framework, the Procurement function can work closely, efficiently and effectively with all areas of an organization to help provide partners and regulators with a level of assurance that third parties are appropriately vetted and monitored throughout the life of the relationship. Procurement can also help facilitate a centralized process that is designed to mitigate many of the risks associated with these relationships and should therefore be seen as a critical function that organizations can leverage for more than just achieving cost savings.
The paper focuses on ways to effectively integrate Procurement into the third party oversight function.

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2016 Tone at the Top and Third Party Risk Survey

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.03.38 AM

Tone at the Top and Third Party Risk examines the role of executives in third party risk management in a broad range of industries and the effect of tone at the top on minimizing business risks within organizations. This study is sponsored by Shared Assessments and conducted by the Ponemon Institute.

Key findings indicate that third party vendor risk is not being effectively implemented:

  • Only 26% of respondents believe that their organization’s third party risk assessment of controls is effective.
  • 50% of respondents do not believe the risk management process is aligned with their organization’s business goals.
  • Just 11% say their organizations are very effective at communicating values throughout the enterprise or to business partners, vendors and other third parties.

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Financial Services Industry Call to Action

Call to Action Cover

The increased connectivity and complexity of critical infrastructure systems both nationally and globally puts economic and public security squarely at the forefront of risk management in every sector and industry vertical. A proactive stance is clearly required to establish best practices for more mature risk management programs industry-wide.

The financial services industry is in position to continue its leadership role in third party risk management, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of risk management programs at both the outsourcer and provider levels to collectively raise the bar and establish effective industry-wide risk management solutions.

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Onsite Assessments Best Practices White Paper

BP White Paper Cover

In 2015, a Shared Assessments awareness committee was established to create a best practice assessment and scoping guideline practical for all outsourcing organizations, onsite assessment teams, managers and service providers, regardless of industry or assessment scope. The guideline will work in concert with existing onsite assessment tools and processes. It provides a clear, consistent methodology to keep the assessment process on target and therefore reduce duplication of effort and assessment fatigue.

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Tone at the Top White Paper



Consensus is quickly growing that an effective risk culture cannot be developed without a “Tone at the Top” that demonstrates, beyond doubt, that the Board and C-Suite are active in building and maintaining an effective enterprise risk management culture and program, inclusive of third party risk issues. The right Tone at the Top and risk culture can become important drivers of improved organizational performance – companies that incorporate risk management into their strategic planning process and operating model gain clear competitive advantage

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Incident Response Briefing Paper

IRBP ImageThe Shared Assessments Program is pleased to announce our briefing paper, Building Best Practices for Effective Monitoring of a Third Party’s Incident Event Management Program.

To help organizations be better prepared against increasingly inevitable incidents, the Shared Assessments Program SIG Committee has released Building Best Practices for Effective Monitoring of a Third Party’s Incident Event Management Program. The paper outlines a newly developed best practices model of incident event management program creation.

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Collaborative Onsite Assessments Case Study

COA CoverThe Shared Assessments Program is pleased to present a case study based on our first in a series of pilots for our Collaborative Onsite Assessment program.

The goal of this pilot program is to create the opportunity for multiple industry outsourcers to perform a collaborative onsite assessment of a single service provider, performed by an independent assessment firm, leveraging the Shared Assessments Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP), the standardized testing procedures of the Shared Assessments Program, as a common onsite assessment vehicle. The case study outlines the methodology used and the results of this first pilot.

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