Statement On Racial Inequality And Injustice

The death of George Floyd is a tipping point that all the world witnessed and they are moving to act. Words are not enough. We all need to take action in whatever ways we can – from speaking out when we see some injustice, to donating to social justice groups, to...

Cyber Insurers Enter the Ratings Game

Cyber Insurers Enter the Ratings Game

The recent surge in ransomware attacks on U.S. cities and companies has data security and privacy professionals as well as third party information security leaders scrambling for better defenses and responses. This need is focusing more attention on cybersecurity...

Exposing IoT Blind Spots

Exposing IoT Blind Spots

Organizations Don't Know What They Don't Know About Internet of Things Risk In a chilling interrogation video, a suspect describes hacking into Silicon Valley startup Aupticon via a third party weak point and an inviting Internet of Things (IoT) security hole. “They...

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