Welcoming Andrew Moyad, Our New CEO

We are very excited to welcome Andrew Moyad as our new Chief Executive Officer here at Shared Assessments.

Andrew Moyad is an accomplished leader and trailblazer in risk management, having served for more than 25 years in risk management and information security, including leadership roles in vendor risk management at Blackstone, one of the world’s top global asset management firms, and BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager.

Moyad most recently served as Senior Vice President, Vendor Risk Management at Blackstone, where he led a team of risk professionals responsible for overseeing all phases of the vendor lifecycle at the firm, including risk assessments, control diligence, contract reviews, financial checks, performance monitoring, issue tracking, and management reporting. Prior to Blackstone, he served as a director and global head of vendor risk management and BlackRock and Senior Vice President for Citigroup, where he was a Business Information Security Officer in Global Fixed Income and led third party risk assessments for several years.

Throughout his career as a practitioner, particularly as a senior risk management executive, Moyad has driven a culture of accountability and diligence in safeguarding information. He significantly contributed to the transformation and advancement of risk management as a strategic function that intersects with and helps guide all aspects of the organization.

“Andrew is a natural leader and the ideal CEO for Shared Assessments. He has advanced risk management principles and practices at three of the world’s top organizations. Today, the risk landscape is shifting minute by minute. He is uniquely suited to lead Shared Assessments’ many members and dedicated professional team as they work to enrich and expand the de facto standard TPRM tools, best practices, and research that more than 15,000 companies, licensees, and risk advisory services now depend on,” said Catherine A. Allen, succeeding founder and acting CEO (who will remain as Chair).

Founded more than 15 years ago, Shared Assessments today engages a membership ecosystem of cross-industry organizations, including outsourcers, vendors, regulators, technology providers, and independent risk management experts. Members actively practice and lead their organization’s risk management initiatives in industries as diverse as consumer goods, healthcare, finance and asset management, manufacturing, and aerospace. This diverse perspective produces a collective intelligence and the industry-standard toolset that are foundational to more than 15,000 risk management programs and initiatives, as well as the solutions of many of the world’s most trusted risk management consultancies and innovators.

“Increasingly, mismanaged third-party risks cause hundreds of millions of dollars in losses and reputational damage each year. The challenges that organizations now face, from the heightened pace and sophistication of attacks to expanding regulatory mandates, force organizations to assess and continually evolve their risk practices,” said Andrew Moyad, CEO, Shared Assessments. “This is where the collective intelligence of Shared Assessments’ many members and its dedicated risk management experts and tools development experts delivers value.

“As a longtime practitioner, I am keenly aware of just how crucial Shared Assessments’ resources are to supporting so many organizations’ most strategic business outcomes. Our talent pool, best practices, tools, education, and research are unmatched. I look forward to working with this world-class team. We will continue to advance and professionalize the practice of third-party risk management with our world-class certification and education programs. Together, our community will continue to simplify, innovate, and transform risk management.”

Moyad holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Natural Sciences from Harvard University and a Master’s of Science Degree in Information Systems from the Stevens Institute of Technology.