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Prevalent takes the pain out of third-party risk management (TPRM). Companies use our software and services to eliminate the security, compliance, and operational exposures that come from working with vendors and suppliers throughout the third-party lifecycle. Our customers benefit from a flexible, hybrid approach to TPRM, where they not only gain solutions tailored to their needs, but also realize a rapid return on investment. Regardless of where they start, we help our customers stop the pain, make informed decisions, and adapt and mature their TPRM programs over time.

The Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management Platform: Unifying Vendor Management, Assessment and Continuous Monitoring

The Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management Platform unifies vendor management, risk assessment and continuous threat monitoring to deliver a 360-degree view of risk. The platform makes it easy to onboard vendors; assess them against standardized and custom questionnaires; correlate the assessments with external threat data; reveal, prioritize and report on the risk; and facilitate the remediation process. Customers report improving their productivity by a factor of 3 by using the Prevalent Platform for unified vendor assessment and monitoring.

Prevalent Vendor Risk Assessment Managed Services: Doing the Hard Work of TPRM for You

We can handle everything from onboarding vendors and conducting assessments, to identifying risks and tracking remediation with our expert in-house managed services. You skip the hard work and get the intelligence and reports you need to focus on vendor strategy and overall risk reduction. Prevalent customers indicate that they reduce the amount of manual work required to assess vendors by 50% by using our Vendor Risk Assessment Managed Services.

Prevalent Vendor Intelligence Networks: Delivering Instant Access to Vendor Risk Intelligence

Our customers have access to a vast trove of on-demand risk intelligence for thousands of vendors. These libraries of completed assessments based on the SIG questionnaire leverage the power of the Prevalent community to deliver historical and real-time insights into both cyber, business and financial risks, enabling them to quickly scale their TPRM programs and identify risks 44% faster. For those vendors who aren’t yet in the networks, Prevalent will complete new assessments upon customer request. We also offer self-service capabilities, enabling vendors to complete and submit self-assessments that they can easily share with their own customers.

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