Privacy Was The Word Of The Year In 2013

2013 media headlines exposed data breaches, digital surveillance, & usage of location tracking to such an extent that Privacy was named Dictionary.Com’s word of the year. When you look back at 2013, its clear to see why, especially when looking at this compelling infographic, from

Shocking to look back at all the big events in privacy that happened in 2013, isn’t it? What was the biggest privacy breakthrough in 2013 in your opinion?

Data privacy in today’s digital age is trending in social media with the continued debate on our rights to control and monitor our personal information. Balancing the right of privacy to protecting national interests as sparked heated debate on constitutional grounds.

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) was forward-looking when enacted in 1986 – prior to the rise of the internet. It outlined standards for law enforcement access to electronic communication, and associated data, providing a level of privacy protection to users of emerging wireless and internet technologies. However, the law could not have anticipated the growth and evolution of the internet, social media, mobile banking or even cloud computer.

Today’s smart phones are more powerful than the computers we relied upon when ECPA was founded. Changes in technology have outpaced our laws & regulations. Email has become the primary communication channel for individuals and businesses. The power of mobile location data provides convenience and value; but also introduces privacy risk if misused. 2013′s “Snowden Effect” is bringing top of mind the question on governmental access to information and the protocol for digital surveillance, including a review of privacy settings.

Privacy themes are pervasive in promoting the need for transparency in the practice of collecting personal information. Social networking has replaced private communications. As we kick start a privacy dialog in 2014, who knows by January 2015 how our privacy landscape will emerge from the cloud.

Linnea Solem is the Chair of the Shared Assessments Program and is the Chief Privacy Officer and Director of Business Risk & Privacy Management for Deluxe Corporation. Linnea is a management professional with 20+ years financial services experience in areas eCommerce, technology, business development, marketing, information practices and risk management .She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional and led Deluxe’s compliance initiatives for Y2K, GLB, Check 21, and Red Flags Legislation.

Reposted with permission from Forward Banker