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2022 TPRM Toolkit Review and Demo

Our Shared Assessments team and member-driven Tool Development Committees have spent the last year updating and upgrading the SIG, SCA, VRMMM and Data Governance Tools just for you. Members see it first with this special overview and demo.
  • Colleen Milazzo
    SVP TPRM Software Products, Shared Assessments
    Colleen leads the TPRM software team in development of software products/tools for third party risk assurance. Colleen has over 20 years of experience within the financial services industry and consulting. She has lead programs associated with risk management, procurement/contract negotiation, mergers and acquisitions, and business process reengineering. She has regulatory and global experience executing portfolios to meet corporate strategy.
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  • Angela Dogan
    Founder and CEO, Davis Dogan Advisory Services
    Versatile cybersecurity and risk management expert with the skills and experience necessary to drive highly complex risk management programs. Dogan brings a proven capacity to develop and facilitate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs as well as Third-Party Risk Management Programs (TPRM) to thoroughly analyze and control critical data, proactively identify and mitigate risk, design and introduce forward-thinking risk management guidelines, and pinpoint key areas for process improvement.
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  • Linnea Solem
    Founder and CEO, Solem Risk Partners LLC
    Linnea Solem is a Management Consulting Executive and retired Chief Privacy Officer with cross-functional background with 30+ years of experience working in regulated industries. Solem has significant industry knowledge and experience working with internal and external organizations on governance, privacy, security, and compliance.
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  • Andy Hout
    VP, Tool Development and Implementation, Shared Assessments
    Andy has more than 30 years in data communications/information security and is familiar with all types of systems and transport technologies. Using this knowledge, Andy has conducted hundreds of vendor assessments and implemented vendor risk management programs for several large clients.
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