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Organizations increasingly rely on third parties to support a range of business processes, services, and even client interactions. As third parties are increasingly necessary to drive effective business operations, the written agreement between both parties is an essential aspect of managing risk for your organization. This session will dive into best practices around contracts and the TPRM controls to think about when contracting with vendors. Where diligence reviews are often point-in-time exercises with short shelf lives, your third-party contracts govern and endure throughout your full third-party lifecycle.

Cost: Free / Credits: 1 CPE
  • Andrew Moyad
    CEO, Shared Assessments
    Andrew is an accomplished leader and trailblazer in third party risk management. As a practitioner and a senior risk management executive, he has driven a culture of accountability and diligence in safeguarding information. Andrew has more than 25 years in risk management and information security. He has contributed greatly to the transformation and advancement of risk management as a strategic function that intersects with and helps guide all aspects of organizations.
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  • James Humphrey-Evans
    UK Founding Partner, Bortstein LLP
    James Humphrey-Evans is one of Bortstein Legal Group’s UK Founding Partners. He negotiates vendor and customer facing technology and commercial contracts, including market data, IT infrastructure, SaaS, outsourcings and facilities agreements. Humphrey-Evans also develops bespoke playbooks and assists clients in defining their legal needs and creating streamlined processes.
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