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Journey to Standardization

Shared Assessments will provide guidance to program managers and risk professionals for optimizing the efficiency and maturation of strategic supplier management programs. Examining how standards and regulations can align, we will cover how to drive the integrated acceptance of standard risk frameworks and diligence practices. This session will illuminate how to establish a common set of third-party diligence and management frameworks with a focus on Cyber, ESG, and Privacy Standards.
  • Andrew Moyad
    CEO, Shared Assessments
    Andrew is an accomplished leader and trailblazer in third party risk management. As a practitioner and a senior risk management executive, he has driven a culture of accountability and diligence in safeguarding information. Andrew has more than 25 years in risk management and information security. He has contributed greatly to the transformation and advancement of risk management as a strategic function that intersects with and helps guide all aspects of organizations.
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