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September Member Forum Call – Explore the Quantum Computing Revolution: Unleashing Unimaginable Data Processing Speeds

Join us as industry experts delve into the impending shifts brought about by quantum computing advancements. Prepare for a future where data processing reaches unprecedented speeds, propelling us into a realm of previously inconceivable simulations. As we hurtle towards 2024 and beyond, discover the essential adaptations required for security and cryptography to remain resilient against this unparalleled computational prowess. Gain exclusive insights and proactive measures from our panelists to navigate the imminent transformation.
  • Charlie Miller
    Senior Advisor, Shared Assessments
    Charlie Miller is a frequent speaker and a recognized expert in third-party risk. His key responsibilities include expanding the Shared Assessments Third-Party Risk Management membership-driven program, facilitating thought leadership, industry vertical strategy groups, continuous monitoring / operational technology working groups, and loT research studies.
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  • Konstantinos Karagiannis
    Director, Quantum Computing Services, Protiviti
    Konstantinos is the Director of Quantum Computing Services at Protiviti, where he and his team help companies get ready for quantum opportunities and threats. He has been involved in the quantum computing industry since 2012, and in InfoSec since the 90s. Konstantinos is a frequent speaker at RSA, Black Hat, Defcon, and dozens of conferences worldwide. He also hosts The Post-Quantum World podcast.
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